You Cannot Make People Successful

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For almost forty years, I have watched, witnessed, and observed many different types, kinds, colors, and personalities of people try to convince, massage, manipulate, and even beg other people to do something they do not want to do, or to become successful when they don’t want to pay the price. It amazes me at how much time and resources are spent by people who want to expand their businesses or individual activities to greater and higher levels, but who waste so much of their valuable energies, money, and hours trying to convince prospects that they should change, that they should grow, and that they should do something that they really have little or no desire to accomplish. Success just doesn’t work that way.

Success is an “inside-out” proposition. Success begins with a “Dream” within the heart and mind of the person who really wants to become successful and who is looking for an opportunity that will provide him or her the chance to achieve their personal desires.

Success does not attack a person. Success occurs whenever opportunity and preparedness meet. It is a major focal point of a person’s life.

With all of that in mind, permit me to say to you that you never have to look to see if a prospect is truly interested in learning more, being taught how to accomplish his own desires, or who is willing to pay full price to achieve the desires of his or her heart. Such type and kind of people always identify themselves! There is no guess-work to it.

It has been my personal experience, individually and corporately, that the person or prospect who truly desires to become highly successful full well knows what it is that he or she wants in life and is not lazy or looking for the cheapest and easiest ways and means to accomplish what it is that they want.

Ambitious and upward mobile type people always put their “best-foot-forward,” always show their own type friendly personality, and are always interested to try new things which will allow them the chance to become successful. These type people are not governed or controlled by fear of or by the opinions of other people. They are sure of themselves and are not afraid to take a legitimate risk,…as long as the rewards for taking it are worth it.

It is through these type observations, that you will be able to gage the true intent of the prospects you are attempting to help establish in the ownership and operation their own business ventures. It is through these type observations that you will be able to identify those prospects who are truly and seriously interested from those who are just curious or only casually interested. After almost 40 years of working with people and helping them to become or grow to higher levels of success, I have continually learned and have had reconfirmed in my own mind what I am telling you now. You would serve yourself well by learning what I am saying to you, and by putting it immediately into practice.

Upward mobile, ambitious people, who are looking for “MORE” out of life than that which they presently possess are always easy to talk to, easy to identify with, and readily respond to your new and beneficial ideas and plans. It is, however, totally up to you to initiate conversations with these folks. You go to them,…don’t wait for them to come to you.

You see, friends, as I stated above, success begins in the mind of a person. It takes the form of a dream which comes from his own imagination. However, once the “Dream” has been clearly identified and locked into place within a person’s brain,…an immediate “Decision” must be made by the prospect (the dreamer), that he or she is going to succeed…no matter what the circumstances…that he or she is going to pay the full price required to convert the dream into reality, and lastly that he or she is going to stay the course demanded and do all that is necessary and Never Quit performing the needed work tasks until the job is completed and their dream has indeed become a reality.

You don’t try to become successful. You either do what is required or you don’t! In order to do what is required a person must be internally driven, they must be self-disciplined, and they must be highly motivated by and with the positive anticipation of achieving their own dreams and goals! It is their personal responsibility to keep their own mind focused on the tasks at hand.

Once you have found a person who exemplifies these traits, all that is required of you is to show them a business opportunity that will provide them a honest and legal way to generate the necessary profits that will enable them to convert their dreams into reality. Your role then becomes one of being their personal mentor to help and assist them in the direction of their dreams, guiding them in the proper and appropriate business operations so as to keep them on track toward accomplishing their desires.

Success is the progressive realization of a worthwhile dream or goal. Success is really a process. Success does not occur quickly as in a flash of power or strength. But rather, it is a slow moving process over an extended period of time wherein an individual learns and grows mentally, physically, and spiritually into a person who can properly handle and train other people in the manner and way that they should go, and help them to achieve the dreams and goals that they have for themselves. As a person grows and becomes more today than he or she was yesterday, their personal strengths begin to develop, their personal knowledge begins to expand, and they are better able to help more and more people achieve and accomplish their own dreams.

The truth is that this process once initiated and properly established becomes a never ending activity. Each generation of new business associates, each new level of leaders, and each new level of new people involved in this processes just continues growing, serving, and loving other people. There really is no stopping what can be accomplished as long as people serve, care, and love one another. Don’t boss other people, don’t demand them to perform, don’t condemn or criticize them…just stay steady at the work efforts required and keep personally growing your own mind and business. Just keep being the best personal example of what you want your associates to become.

Peace and Love to All of You………………..Poppa Bear

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You Cannot Make People Successful — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you so much, Dave, for continuing to serve and remind us all of the truth that success principles do not change and that God created us for greatness. Love you

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