When You Build It,…You Can Lead It

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Stop Waiting For or Expecting Someone Else To Do Things For You

Success,…in anything,…is not and never will be a spectator sport.

If you plan to become successful in your chosen arena or field of endeavor it will only be because you took personal responsibility and took charge of doing the necessary work efforts required to achieve said success.

Fact: No one can or will succeed for you. There is no such thing
as surrogate success!

You are the key…You are the secret to achieving your own

With those truths firmly in mind, let me be so bold as to tell you another Truth of Life…If you ever truly plan to become successful,…to reach the top levels of high achievement,…you have got to learn what to properly do and then get to work and do it for yourself! Don’t expect someone else to do the work for you….You do it for yourself!

You see, the fact is, that if you allow other people to do the work for you, you are only robbing yourself of the knowledge of what needs to be done and how it needs to be done. As a result you never learn what to do or how to do it. Therefore, if another person actually does the work for you to succeed, then you still remain ignorant of the requirements and therefore do not know how to accomplish your desired success. You therefore cannot adequately teach and train other people what and how to do what needs doing. You will not only fail to grow any bigger than you presently are,…you will also soon completely lose that which has been gifted to you!

When you learn what to do and how it is to be done, then you can maintain what has been created; and continue to grow your accomplished success to even higher levels. Through God’s Holy Design there is something almost magical that happens within your own being when you know for certain that it was you who did the work and kept it going. This magical something then empowers you to keep it up and accomplish more as you gain more knowledge and expertise because of your own experience and efforts. All of these blessings and benefits are lost to you and your future if you sit back and expect or demand that someone else does the actual work of creating success for you. In short,…If you don’t personally do the heavy weight work of accomplishment, then you continue to remain ignorant, unproductive, and therefore impotent as regards any further honest and legal achievement.

No one achieves real and lasting success all by themselves. One is too small of a number with which anyone is able to accomplish true success. It always takes more than just yourself. Because these statements of truth always are the case, real achieved success involves more than one person. As a result, interpersonal relationships must obviously come into play. Relationships must be established and then developed. Such relationships are developed over a long period of time. Consequently they are individual and separate for each and every person with whom they are developed.

Fact: You cannot effectively transfer personal relationships to
other uninvolved participants.

The truth of the matter is that you will establish and grow your personal relationships on your own efforts. Each relationship will be individual and separate from all others so established. Everything,…thoughts, deeds, and actions… will be established differently for each and every conjoined personal relationship you develop with those other people with whom you work to accomplish your desired success. And for those developed relationships to continue to work and perform, they must be grown with the same persons originally joined into the relationship from the very beginning.

Fact: You cannot have a personal relationship with a dead person.

For this very reason you should always remember that truly successful people never alienate other people who do not need to be alienated! Always endeavor to maintain and strengthen those relationships you have worked so hard to develop. They will, in the end of things, become some of your greatest assets and blessings.

I tell you two more Truths of Life:

1. You cannot develop a personal relationship with other people if you
are never around them or never have regular communication with
them. Physical togetherness is an absolute requirement.

2. Good and lasting personal relationships are two-way streets.
Another person must want and need a good personal relationship
with you as bad as you desire to have such a good relationship
with them if such a good and lasting personal relationship is ever
to be created and developed.

One Final Point….

As you travel your own road to success, many decisions and judgement calls are going to be required of you. Always remember that no one single person (except God) knows everything, and…that Truth of Life, of course, includes yourself.

Surround yourself with good and righteous men and women who are more learned, more intelligent, and more experienced than are you. As decisions, ideas, and opportunities are presented to you from outside sources, whatever they may be…draw from and use the accumulated intelligence of your developed mentors and counselors.

While it is most usually the good and right thing for you to “follow your own heart,” or to “trust your own decisive judgements”,…use caution and wisdom when making these “choices or changes.” Before making a decision or change…thoroughly think things through. There always seems to be some “unintended consequences” or some “other conditions and considerations” that should be full well analyzed before final action is taken on your part. That is what a mentor and a team of counselors is in place to help you do. Success is a very big and important undertaking. Be wise. Use the combined talent, knowledge, wisdom, and experience of other close friends to assist you in making important decisions. You will not only be glad that you did so, you will also save yourself lots of financial resources, time, headaches, and heartaches in addition to valuable personal relationships. Of course, it goes without saying that you should always pray about the selections that you need to make before making them. It is the “wise person” who always leaves room for God to be part of their decisions and actions.

Whenever you place blame for your own circumstances or failures in life on someone else, you immediately lose control of the situation and can therefore make no corrective actions because you cannot control another human being. However, as all true leaders well know,…when you the leader, the responsible person, takes full blame upon yourself, whether it is justified or not as to being the actual cause of the existing failure or shortfall situation, you thereby maintain full control of the situation and are thereby fully authorized to make needed changes and adjustments to correct it and turn the failure into victory.

The actively performing, and personally responsible person to any activity or situation is always the one who remains in total control….of himself or herself.

So,…be personally responsible. Be fully accountable to all the involved parties. And always leave room for God to be part of all of your actions and decisions. That is how the real champions in life get good and righteous things done.

Peace and Love to All of You………………………..Poppa Bear

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When You Build It,…You Can Lead It — 2 Comments

  1. Praying for your total healing and recovery Dave. I’m confident God still needs your wisdom on this Earth for a while longer! Love Kenda & John

  2. Dave, I want you to know I am praying that the Lord would renew your strength, and you would get your energy back. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and insight of how to be truly successful. May God comfort you, bless you, and restore your strength. Sincerely, Melissa

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