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Oftentimes we can get so caught up in the minutia of the “unimportant things” of life that we never get around to learning about what the really important and significant things are or are to be.  The result is that we, out of our own ignorance, wonder around in a circular pattern always coming back to our initial starting point after expending vast amounts of time and resources with not much of anything actually accomplished or achieved.  “Fogged-in” is the appropriate aeronautical term that I believe best applies.

Success is known to be a journey to a predetermined destination which culminates in the accomplishment of a significant plan or purpose.  You simply cannot be termed successful, it seems to me, if you arrive at the geographic coordinates of a desired destination empty-handed…void of any sort of sensical accomplishment.

There is a generally accepted statement among the circles of successful men and women in America that says: “Everything rises and falls on Leadership.”  We are also told in the Holy Scriptures that we will know a tree by the fruit that it produces… that a good tree will produce good fruit and that a bad tree will produce bad fruit.  (See Matthew 7 : 15-20 NKJV). 

Problems, challenges, and on-going crisis continue to raise their ugly heads within our nation and our society as a whole today almost on a daily basis.  These terrible problems and crisis arise with government and all of politics.  They show up in business and labor situations, in service and manufacturing, in education, entertainment, sports, and the media.  They show themselves in every area of our society and culture.  

We have a crisis in the institutions of America threatening our very economic existence as a free nation, because…we have even a bigger crisis in leadership and productivity.  This sad and sorry situation exists because most importantly in America we are faced with a huge crisis in manhood—a complete shortage of real godly men!  The manhood of America has been neutered, rendered meaningless, emasculated.  The result is that our nation is and has been sterilized of its ability to reproduce.  Hence…decline is the snowballing effect throughout all of our avenues and venues of production and prosperity.  And what is the average American male, including all of the elected officials who are running our country, doing about solving this horrendous problem?…….you guessed it…Absolutely Nothing!

Do you recall the historical warning given to us by the great British Statesman, Sir Edmond Burke when he said: All it takes for the “ forces of evil to rule the world is for enough good people to do nothing!”   

Well we are seeing once again for the “upteenth” time the prophesied truth of the matters of things given well in advance of the problems to come,…only to observe the male (you cannot call them men) leadership of our nation stand by with their hands in their pockets doing nothing about the problems until it is too late to solve them.  Will we as Americans ever learn anything from history?

Our problems here in America are not isolated.  The same type problems exist all over the globe and will continue to do so unless and until this “One World Government” nonsense comes to a screeching halt!!!  Only an army of Real Men could ever have a slight chance of stopping it. 

I am an American.  I am an armed services veteran, as was my earthly father.  I completely respect the great price that has been paid in shed blood and sacrificed lives of thousands upon thousands of committed men and women who so bravely gave their last full measure of love and breath in protecting your and my rights to live and raise our families as free Americans.  Our Constitutional rights of freedom carry with them a mighty price tag.  Freedom is not free.  Individual national sovereignty is an absolute requirement if we are to continue on as a free nation. Personal and economic freedom is what we have been given by our Creator God and the sacrifices of so many patriots who have gone before us.  They have given us a great and glorious gift.  It is our individual charge as responsible MEN to carry on the gift so as to joyfully and proudly pass it on to those generations following us.  It is the only way that we may continue to live as a free people in a free nation as Americans under the blood stained rights, privileges, and responsibilities of our Constitutional Blessings!  We do not need or want another country or body of men to tell us how to do that!  We are in fact most capable of doing it for ourselves as Americans!   

We as a society have watched now for…(four generations, since 1900 when the government took over and began to run the public school system of our nation,)  our elected leadership leading us down the liberal pathway to self destruction through over regulation and their billowing costs, unsustainable entitlement programs for almost everything, deficit spending and uncontrolled borrowing, and a myriad of new laws allowing government agencies entry into every part of our private lives into which they were never given any Constitutional rights to do so..  We have observed the Constitutional Rights of private property and its ownership to totally disappear while we continue to re-elect the same “career politicians” to their fifth, sixth, or more terms in office.  Absolute Nonsense!!  There is not a man or woman alive who needs to serve his or her government for more than two elected terms.  Period!  Nobody is that valuable.

America did not reach its leadership role in world affairs by being a follower.  Leaders have to lead even if it is unpleasant and sometimes unfashionable.  Every sacrificed life or the survivors of those  lost loved ones while in armed service of their country,… deserve much much better than we have given them.  Only a Real Man understands that statement.

No real man would ever follow a blind man who has no clue as to where he is going.  Only an idiot would ever follow a leader who is headed in the wrong direction down a path that leads to guaranteed destruction.  Wake Up America! It is time for a massive change of direction and course.  And it will only begin when the Real Men of our nation stand up and reestablish their control over a runaway government.

It is time for the Real Men of this nation to rise up!  Change your thoughts and you will change the entire course of your life.

If you are asking yourself right now just exactly what is a real man, then go no further than to the source of all mankind, The Creator God.  He accurately records exactly all of His reasoning regarding the what and why He made man and woman.  He forthrightly gives us His purpose and plan for their lives here on this earth.  You do not need another person or a government agency or a head of some state or some religious “geru” to tell you about it….Read it for yourself…If you have the internal strength and fortitude to read it for yourself!  Everything has been accurately recorded in the first three chapters of the Book Of Genesis in the Holy Bible.

You see dear friends the society-dictated perceptions of what a real man really is to be,… completely distort true manhood and thereby create total confusion within the masses of our populations.  Average men..unlike Real Men…have tried to cope with these conflicting messages about what a real man should be,…by trying to placate and please everyone.  Astute students of history know for a fact that no man alive has ever been able to do that…ever…including Jesus Christ himself.  Every fool who has ever tried to please everyone ends up castrating their true identity and in so doing rendering themselves totally ineffective and sterile males…not Real Men.  The same fate awaits any other fool who follows such unwise males in their causes and attempts to lead others down the primrose path to self destruction.  Fools never learn anything from the mistakes of other fools!

So what is the correct answer to the masculinity crisis that floods the societies throughout the world today?  Well it is the very same answer that has been given to that same question for every world crisis from the very beginning,… which was from the creation of time as occurred in the Garden of Eden. It is there that one will find the seed bed of all creation…the answer is simple.  It is the intervention of Creator God into the life of man.  In the case of male identity and role, the answer is found in God as He revealed Himself on earth in the manhood of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Through Jesus, God showed us by example how to live as real men here on earth.  Father God revealed to us in physical form what He  already said, that He created man in His own image and for His purposes.  

Consequently the essence of Real Manhood is found not in how a man looks or in what a man does , but rather IN WHO A MAN IS.

So the real question to the establishment of what a real man is stems around the issue of how do we approach this God-man, Jesus Christ.  How could we as mortal men even begin to emulate the deity of a holy God revealed on earth as a man?

The answer lies in first the establishment of a personal relationship with Him,…with The Lord Jesus Christ.  Just remember, it is not possible to have a relationship with a dead person.  Personal relationships can only be established with a person who is Alive!  

Now we enter the realm of what differentiates Christianity from all other religions of the world today. You can go to Buddha’s tomb. He is dead and his remains are still there.  You can go to Allah’s tomb. He is dead and his remains are still there.  BUT when you visit Jesus Christ’s tomb it is EMPTY!

He is alive…he has Risen from the dead!  He is alive and is with His Father in heaven for all eternity.  And because He lives…You can establish and develop a personal relationship with Him to insure His blessings in your life here on earth…and… your soul’s eternal security with Him in heaven after your physical death occurs here on the earth….  All Praise And Glory Be To God!

And that is exactly how you too can become a REAL MAN while you are alive here on earth!

Be a Real Man and Always Act Like One………………. 


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