Unexpected Showers of Tenderness

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The late Pastor, Robert H. Shuler, of the Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove, California, shared a wonderful story with me one day about God’s love to all people and about how, no matter what is happening to you in your life, God will never leave you or forsake you.  Permit me to share the story with you just as he shared it with me.  I believe it is as applicable with and to you as it was years ago when He shared it with me.

In the course of living your life (even as a believer) there, of course, will be good days and some other not-so-good days.  There will be ups and there will be downs.  People, places, events, and activities will go your way and others will go against you.  And while you may think during the most terrible lonely times in your life that you have been abandoned, the real truth is that you have not.  As a Christian, God promises you that you will never be lost or abandoned.  Consequently while you may feel like you are lonely for the company of other Christians (which is a normal thing) you will never be alone!  The Lord Jesus Christ will always be with you.  You can bank on it!—remember what He said to you: “I will never leave you or forsake you.”  God keeps all of His promises, everyone one of them!

A story please…………

“At the darkest time in life, and at the weariest moment of our existence, when it appears that God Himself has forsaken or forgotten us, when we cannot comprehend or see evidence of the goodness of God, He will come and bestow mercy and tenderness upon us.  If, in your time of tragedy or loneliness, you will cling with a childlike faith to God, He will visit you with a tender kiss of mercy, and your personal spirit will be calmed, warmed, and comforted.

I well remember the day when I endured a weird assortment of irritations, conflicts, and tensions.  My workday in my office had been long, intense, argumentative, trying, and unrelenting.  I finally arrived home around five-thirty in the afternoon, went into my bedroom, tried in vain to relax and calm myself, and prayed long and hard without receiving any apparent relief.  Then, suddenly, God answered my prayers in a most remarkable way.  My bedroom door softly cracked opened.  Slowly, cautiously, my little daughter peeked through the opening of the doorway.  Her big brown eyes appeared through the slot in the door and, judging that it was safe, she suddenly threw the door wide open, ran to the edge of the bed, and the next thing I knew her ever-so-soft silky hair was flowing over my eyelids and caressing my lips.  Her soft cheek was touching mine.  She kissed and hugged me, then drew swiftly back as if she was expecting me to say, “What do you want?”  And then she said with a full grin across her face, “I just wanted to kiss you, because I love you, Daddy.”  And abruptly she whirled out, skipping and running, and the door swung closed behind her.  She was gone, but I found myself relaxed and all calmed down; totally rested and well on my way to complete recovery from the trials of my day.  

I drew great and powerful strength from this unplanned and unexpected invasion of affection.  In a like kind manner and way so God comes into our lives, at the trying times we are experiencing, with an unexpected shower of tenderness.  We are blessed, and rejuvenated.  We are refreshed and recharged and readied to take on new challenges and tasks that need to be accomplished and performed.

The Spirit of God is all the medicine we will ever need to be completely healed of whatever has gripped us.  His medicine of lovingkindness is the great elixir to and for all human afflictions.  It is always available everywhere you go and you can get it without a prescription.  Oh, and by the way, there is no charge for any dosage you desire.  Free samples are always ready for your request and/or acceptance! 

Thank you, Father God, for always knowing when, where, why, and how to recharge my dead batteries.  Thanks for the refueling of my Spirit.  You truly are the “Light of my life!”

Peace And Love to All of You………………….Poppa  Bear

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