To Succeed…Observe The Masses and Do The Exact Opposite

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Going Against the Status Quo

The United States Social Security Administration tells us today that 98% of the people of our nation will be dead or broke or both by the time they reach age 65.  Wow!  That is a most difficult piece of factual documented evidence.  A serious-minded, success-oriented person desiring what should be done and what should be avoided,…can learn what to avoid if, indeed, one desires to become totally successful.

98% is an overwhelming majority wouldn’t you say?

If you would want to become a member of the 98% Club, just take the time and spend the energy and resources to learn how to do just exactly what these masses of people did with the use of their lives,…and then  duplicate it.  I won’t take but five short years and you will become just like them. 

Now remember, the Social Security Administration was established for the purpose of keeping track of our American population, and the influencing of the people of America to get them to trust and believe that the national government could and would take care of them and “meet all their personal needs.”  And they would willingly do it from cradle to grave.  Such a condition or situation is called a complete “Nanny State.”  

The Social Security Administration was established by the United States Congress in the early 1930s as a part of the phony and sometimes illegal activities dished out to the American public in, through, and with the “New Deal” government of then U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  President Roosevelt was known as the “Father of Liberalism.”  He and his administration basically said that “they” thought that the general American population was too ignorant to know how to adequately take care of themselves and therefore needed the government to do it for them. Big government, at that time, was directly involved in almost every area of life of the general public.  Big government was the perceived method of solution to the trying times that faced Americans immediately after the devastation of the “Great Depression” of 1929.

In essence, the Social Security System was a government legalized dishonest “Ponzi” scheme.  In reality it was another phony means of taking more of American’s hard earned wage dollars out of each paycheck they received, and keeping it for their own selfish desires and deficit spending needs without any worry or concern about ever paying any of it back to the wage-earner.  Each year more and more wages were paid into the Social Security coffers while simultaneously less and less rewards and benefits were paid back to the wage-earners, who had contributed the actual funding needed to “Charge the System.”  There would come a time in the not-too-distant future where the System could not and would not be able to sustain itself.  For all intents and purposes were are at that point in time as I write these words.  With the explosion of our national population through various ways and means, there has been and will continue to be more and more benefits being paid out or being owed than there are funds being collected by the Social Security System.  Like so many others before it,The Social Security System is truly a government program that has outlived it’s purpose and its time. 

All that having been said, leads me to tell you one last important thing you should know.  People regardless of who they personally are who fail in the Free Enterprise System of Economics of the United States have two things in common—(1) they work long and hard hours everyday for another man or woman building their employer’s dreams.  And they have jobs wherein they freely give their employer the freedom to work them much longer every week than they are willing to pay them for working, and (2) they have been duped into thinking that titles, positions, office locations and other “perks” are much more important they they really are.  There is an old employee saying that goes: You can take a $5 bill and a job title and go get a vanilla latte or you can just take a $5 bill and go get a vanilla latte.

Job titles are only important to those who have them!

Successful people on the other hand learn how to work smart, instead of hard, and they are self employed so that they can and will be paid what they know they are really worth!

Our major problem in the world today is that we (the U.S.) while it is the richest nation in the entire world today, is also the only nation in the world that does not teach its own children it’s own system of economics.

Hence we suffer from and have to live with the truths of life that have been produced from our own ignorance of our own economic system!

It is one thing to be stupid, but it is quite another to stay in that miserable mental condition.

You are personally responsible for your own mental condition.  No matter how bad it is today, you can make new decisions, change personal directions, and pursue new and more lucrative efforts in your personal quest to climb a new mountain and change things in your life for the better!  

Just remember that no one has ever been struck by a bolt of success!  

Always be on the look out for new and better honest opportunities when they come walking into your life.

Don’t get caught standing on the “dock of life” waiting for your ship to come in…Rather,…swim out and meet it!

Success does not attack!

Mr. Philip Gulley, pastor of Irvington Friends (Quaker) Meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana, has collected a great treasure trove of true life tales and lessons from his time and experience of working with, guiding, counseling, and otherwise helping and serving other people with the use of his life.  It all began one quiet day while I was studying and reading in the quietude of my own home office (his kitchen table).  Suddenly this great piece of knowledge jumped off the pages and popped right into his own mind. The very same type thing happened to me personally many years later.

I discovered this precious, truthful, and most important article in Boise, Idaho, in 1977.  The message revealed to me some most significant and impacting truths of life.  What I learned that wonderful day changed the entire course of my life and that of my family.  I share this “gem” with you in hopes that it impacts you in the same or similar manner and way that it did me!

This article of discussion concerns and details the topic of you—a qualified person who is seriously considering choosing correct and proper work efforts  that would prepare, sharpen, and reward a person for making good business and personal decisions.  I hope that this discussion will bless you as it did me over four decades ago as I was just entering the Free Enterprise System—just starting my own personal business in America.

                                  A Good Vocation—-An Article

The first job I ever had was delivering newspapers in my hometown.  I had twenty-six customers, but it took more than two hours for me to deliver the papers.  I was raised to believe that it is polite to inquire after and about a person’s personal health whenever you see them.  Trouble was, all my newspaper customers were elderly.  Whenever I asked them how they were feeling, they told me.  They told me everything!  And it took a very long time.

I did that for three years, then I quit to mow lawns and do odd jobs.  Once, after a big snow storm, I earned twenty dollars shoveling out the storm windows on our street.  I showed the money to my dad, and he made me take it back.  He said that it just wasn’t right for me to take money from widows.  I learned from that experience.  The next time it snowed, I sent my little brother out to shovel.

When I was sixteen, I went away for the summer to work at a national park.  I earned fifty dollars every week, plus room and board.  We spent the summer helping to renovate a historical building.  I met my first girlfriend there.  Every since then, I have had a weakness for women in hard hats.

Then I came home and got a job working in a grocery store.  I used to sack groceries and put canned goods out on the shelves.  I almost went away to college to become a grocery store manager, but my dad advised against it.  He said that the work hours were very long and the pay wasn’t all that great.  So I became a minister instead.  I sure am glad that my dad was really looking out for me.

When I graduated from high school, I worked for an electric utility company for five years.  I operated big computers.  I hated it.  To this day I won’t own a computer.  People look at me funny when they find out I don’t like computers.  Once I tried writing on one, and the computer had the gall to suggest that I use one word in place of another.  I don’t like computers telling me what to do.  That’s what parents are for.

I quit my computer job, got married, and started college.  During college, I had a bunch of different jobs.  One summer I got a Job with the state highway department picking up dead animals along the road.  I always mention that in and during job interviews so prospective employers will know that I am willing to do anything to earn a living.

While I was in college, I was hired by a country church to be their pastor.  After worship services, I would find grocery sacks of sweet corn in my car.  Plus, once a month we’d throw a “pitch-in” dinner.  I was there at that little church for four years and gained twenty pounds!   One year at Christmas they gave me a hand-stitched quilt.  I can’t imagine a gentler way to initiate a young pastor into ministry than keeping food in his stomach and quilts on his bed.

Now I pastor a church in the city.  Been here six years.  No quilt yet, but free baby-sitting and tears when we miscarried and people so tender they make Mother Teresa look like a slacker.  I hope God keeps me here a long time.

I have met a lot of people in my lifetime, and over the years I have had a lot of people bare their souls to me.  Consequently I have formed a few insights into what really constitutes the good life.  The first is this:  Never ask people how they are doing unless you really want to know.  The second is this: Find a vocation that uses your God-given gifts, or you will be a miserable wretch of a human being.

That is God’s Truth.  I know a guy who is a janitor.  He is thoroughly convinced that God has called him to be a janitor, and he loves it.  He doesn’t make much money, but he is one of the happiest people I know. He worked real hard to put his children through college.  So they went down to Bloomington to the state college, and now they earn a ton of money, but none of them are as happy as their father.

If you ever have to choose between following money or following your own heart, always go with your heart!

There are some choices we make that cannot be corrected.  Squandering your own life in a job that shrivels your soul isn’t one of them.  Use your Gifts.  Follow your Heart.  And,…..Don’t Worry,…Be Happy.

Peace and Love to All of You…………..Poppa  Bear    

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