Think Before You Act

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Sorrow, suffering, loss, and lots of pain both personal and corporate are the results and the effects of foolish or even stupid actions taken or created by people, both good and bad, who acted,…before thinking through the effects their actions would produce. Individuals who “pull the trigger before properly identifying their target” always create misery for themselves and for other people,….particularly those innocent and uninvolved people connected to or in the general vicinity of the actual issue at hand.

Every action taken by human beings is the direct result of thought. Thoughts precede all human activities. Psychological studies confirm that if you would interview any inmate on death row in any penitentiary, practically every one of them would first, deny that they actually committed the crime for which they were sentenced. They actually thought they were innocent…even after being convicted by a court of law. Secondly, the true results which caused them to be incarcerated were never a spur-of-the-moment decision, choice, or action. Now listen to me,…before they committed their crime, they thought and thought about doing it for many days, weeks, months, and even years before they actually performed their evil deeds. Thoughts always come before (precedes) actions.

This phenomenon is called The Law of Harmonious Attraction. And it basically states that the human mind attracts to it the exact things and people that it thinks about the most regularly and the most often. The reason this occurs is because your mind is a self-servo mechanism. It is designed and created by God Almighty specifically to serve you. Its purpose is to be the Command and Control Center (CCC) for all of your personal ideas, activities, and bodily functions while you are alive on this earth. Your brain serves you just as a slave would serve his master. God has given you 100% total control of your own mind. You make your own decisions, which are always preceded and lead by your own thoughts. God loves you enough that even He will not interfere with your personal authority to control your own thoughts.

Your mind is comprised of primarily two separate parts, the conscious mind (10%) and the subconscious mind (90%). The conscious mind makes all of your thought-out or random spur-of-the-moment choices to do things or activities. Impulsive and reasoned behavior comes from decisions made in your conscious mind. The subconscious mind is where all of the critically important life-support decisions, activities, and choices are made. The subconscious mind is by far the most important and significant part of your mind.

God gives you full control and power over your conscious mind, your logical mind, the front portion of your brain…the 10% part. However in His Infinite Wisdom, full well knowing how easily a person could be distracted or fail to focus their attention to the job at hand, He Himself took over total control of the most important subconscious mind, the rear portions of your brain, the 90% part of your brain.

All involuntary bodily functions are controlled through the subconscious mind. God’s love for you and His concern to keep you alive and functioning in order for you to be able to complete His predesigned purpose for your life, just could not be put at risk of loss. Consequently, God alone kept total control over your subconscious mind.

Now here is the truth whether you like it or not. God gave you personal control over 10% of your mind while He kept total control over 90% of your mind. Does that give you a reasonable clue as to how much He actually trusts you to always to do the right, proper, and good thing?…To actually trust you to keep yourself alive?

The greatest weakness of man, in my opinion, is his (or her) lack of ability to stay focused and at work on the real purpose God designed for him (or her) to accomplish while alive on this earth. Distractions are always going to be in your life and have to be dealt with and resolved….But, never are those distractions to be allowed to get you so far off course that they negate, cancel, or halt you from continuing on with the completion of your predetermined God-given purpose for the living of your life.

Impulses, ideas, stimuli, and whatever else that comes to you from a variety of different causes and sources all flow into your mind through your five senses: touch, taste, sight, sound, and smell. God designed it all to work together so that your brain could then process the stimulus from your senses into personal thoughts.

The internally generated thoughts could then be focused on the screens of your conscious and subconscious mind and dwelt upon until a good and solid powerful thought was born either within your logical (conscious) or God-controlled (subconscious) parts of your brain. These generated thoughts that are dwelt upon, eventually convert themselves into actions which will then produce the required effort needed to enable you to produce the highly desired final results for your life. Do you see how this whole process works?

It is critically important for you to understand this procedure, otherwise you will become discouraged far too soon in the process of achieving your dreams and goals, and quit or give up before ever giving your dreams a chance to be achieved.

The big broad road to failure is lined with people who quit the journey to their own success far too soon, only because they did not understand how the whole process flows together.

Our God is a loving God, not a teasing God. Our God is a just and a jealous God, but He truly does desire for you to have the good and proper desires of your own heart. We know this to be true because of what He tells us in His Word. It is recorded in the Book of Psalms, Chapter 37, verse 4, NKJV:

(4) “Delight yourself also in the Lord. And He shall give you the
desires of your heart.”

Know this fact of life. If God gives you a worthy and worthwhile dream or mission to accomplish, because He loves you, He has already given you the ability to accomplish that dream. It is, however, your responsibility to give the dream a life of its own by pouring into the accomplishment of that dream your own blood, sweat, tears, time, and financial resources….for as long as it takes to achieve your dream.

Quitting the process guarantees that you will never achieve your desires. God will never give up on you, no matter what you do or fail to do. Doesn’t it just make good sense to never give up on God and His ability to change everything in your life!

So it therefore becomes absolutely imperative that a person dream, think about, and focus their mental energies constantly on their personal dreams, goals, and desires of their own heart…their own spiritual heart,…their own brain…their own subconscious mind. In so doing, there will be powerful spiritual, mental, unseen “forces” go to work on your own behalf that will put people, places, events, and circumstances into play that will assist you and your efforts to produce the very results you are earnestly searching for and working to righteously accomplish.

Always remember….The unseen always precedes the seen.

Our Heavenly Creator God put our lives and our world together in such a wonderful way that everything works out to our own benefit even when we ourselves don’t understand how or why such things and events could ever work for our own good. He loves us and wants His predestined plan for our lives to come to fruition through our willingness to be obedient to His call on our life, and act righteously to every happening and activity we undertake. Such conduct is generally termed “Living in total FAITH.”


Peace And Love To All Of You……Poppa Bear

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