There Is More To Learning And To Life Than A Two Minute Sound Bite

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I am always awestruck at the people of today who live their lives and fill most all of their days using only a smart phone, I-Pad, hand held computer, or similar “smart” device. These type people go around all day in their local neighborhoods, their business operations, or their personal or business travel efforts with their noses stuck into the “smart” device. It is as if they simply cannot exist without this crutch device to assist them in the living of their lives.

People such as those just described want all of the most important knowledge about everything and the back up support to their learning curves in quick right now sound bites that don’t take much thought to peruse or ponder, and are quickly read or listened to in 60 seconds or less. They seek quick partial answers only so that they don’t have to take the time to learn much or think about what they are learning. All of their desired mental input has to come quickly and in an abbreviated format to them. These folks just want the “hows” of life. They are not interested in the “whats” and “whys.”

Permit me to tell you that there is much more to learning, knowing, and becoming in life,…than can be immediately grabbed in just 60 second sound bites that only quickly brush the surface of the what and why of life’s truths and life’s lessons.

To put it bluntly, most folks today are not adequately or properly prepared to succeed and therefore they do not succeed even after a sustained period of time attempting to succeed. They simply do not know what they are attempting to do or how to get the job done correctly.

Knowledge must first be gained before it can be used.

Knowledge + (Evaluated Experience) X Action = Power.

Partial or insufficient knowledge never accomplishes the desired end result of what is being attempted. Any success-oriented person realizes that you must first learn and know before you can apply and grow.

The easiest and least costly way to learn is to stand on the shoulders of the giants in your chosen industry and learn from their evaluated experience.

This is precisely what I am attempting to do through this website,… I have sifted through and culled out all the best of what I have learned from the giants of my business industry. I have sorted through all my personal evaluated experience after 42+ years of associating and educating myself with the specific knowledge and information I have gained from building a huge international global business. All of this pure experience and knowledge has been broken down for the inquiring individual who truly does desire to raise themselves to a higher level of living and success, no matter their chosen field of endeavor.

Each and every month four weekly blogs (one every Saturday) are posted and are available to any and all readers or listeners. There is no charge for any blog and its content.

In addition, every month four leadership messages will be posted (one every Monday), as will four Spiritual Believers Messages be posted (one every Wednesday).

And then on Friday, over an eight week recurring period, a message will be posted involving one of eight other important topic headings which include 1. Marriage 2. Developing Your Faith 3. Did You Know 4. Heroes of the Bible 5. Manhood 6. Great Men and Women of History 7. The English Language 8. Special American Historical Events.

That all accumulates to four Blogs and and 12 other special discussions and learning sessions to every individual who becomes a Registered Premier Member to my website. Registered Premier Membership is a minimal $ 9.99 monthly fee.

What is your personal worth?
How valuable do you consider yourself to be?

What would you personally be willing to invest in yourself to gain more knowledge and understanding than you presently possess so as to raise yourself to a higher level of success?

You alone hold the answer to these three most important life questions.

Don’t delay. Go to the home page of and enroll right now to become a registered Premier Member. I promise you will be glad that you did. For Your Information, all Premier Members have access to all archived articles of discussion from the beginning of this website publication up until today. You have the right as a Premier Member to photo copy any and all posted articles.

Peace And Love to All of You………………………Poppa Bear

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