The Things In Life That Will Cause Joy, Peace, And Happiness

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Energy is the source of all your efforts, thoughts, and other actions. Everything that a person actually does requires energy to be expended. If you ever feel run-down or discouraged,…if things happening in your life aren’t going right for you or aren’t benefitting you in some specific way, then perhaps your “inner” batteries,…your spiritual batteries,…need a serious recharge!

Here is a fact of life: You do not ever need to be defeated by anything, any person, or any event. You can have peace of mind, improved health, and a never-ceasing flow of energy. This continual energy-packed state of being is all predicated on you, the individual, possessing and always living with and daily demonstrating (1) a positive mental attitude, (2) looking for and finding the best of every person, place, or thing that confronts you, and (3) loving and serving everyone with whom you are working even if they are hard to love and difficult to forgive.

Life in general is much easier to live if you attempt to honestly befriend everyone with whom you come into contact,…and always treat all other people in your life in the exact manner and way that you would desire them to treat you. God Almighty’s Golden Rule was, is, and will remain the very best way to live your life here on earth.

The Power of Positive Thinking is the actual power of active demonstrated faith that is actually taught throughout the entire Holy Bible. I will, without any reservation, tell you the truth that in order for you to personally develop such an active and powerful faith all that you need begin doing, starting today, is to saturate your own mind with the great wisdom of the Bible. If you will but make certain words and ideas as discussed within the pages of the Bible an active part of your own thinking and actions, they will work wonders in your life in the very same manner and way they have worked wonders in the lives of the other people on earth who have gone before you. Remember that every word in all of the Holy Bible is the inspired truthful Word of God. It is always correct, without error or contradiction, and because God is no respecter of persons, its truths all apply equally to all types and kinds of people regardless of their individual backgrounds.

The Bible’s principles and prescriptions can and will help anyone anywhere live more happily, peaceably, and more effectively. But all too many people simply do not take the time and effort to get into the habit of daily reading and feeding on the Word of God. All too often these non students-of-the -Word-of-God claim that the words and their meanings as written within the Bible baffle or confuse them. These sporadic students claim that their level of confusion just makes life so much more difficult for them that they just give up on continually reading and learning the wisdom of the Creator of the Universe. They voluntarily quit on themselves because the required effort was more than they wanted to spend to learn how to be continually happy, live a successful life, and be filled with peace of mind.

Some things in life just don’t make much sense, do they?…Maybe sometimes they are not supposed to.

There are other people with whom you interact who possess a great deal of religious knowledge and who may even read the Bible frequently, but who may not know how to utilize its ageless wisdom to solve their own problems and situations.

May I say to you, that the Bible is not only a guide to spiritual development, but is also a very practical book giving you life application techniques concerning that which is being taught. Everything that God Almighty wants to teach His Children is taught throughout the entirety of the Holy Bible, all starting in the Book of Genesis and all ending in the Book of Revelation. It’s sixty-six different and separate books were written out of the hard experiences of life, and devastating difficulties: Jealousy, Ridicule, Aging, Childlessness, Poverty, Loneliness, Hunger, Sickness, Homelessness, Prison, and Death…..And God helped them all solve their personal problems, in just the same way that He helps us all today.

The things in life that are the most valuable to us are always the ones that cost the most to obtain. There is definitely a price to be paid in order to acquire sufficient knowledge and understanding about life to enable you to become highly successful and personally free. The only question that you need to ask yourself is whether or not you are ready and willing to pay full price and become a serious student of the Bible.

Success and Freedom have a price tag. There is no bargain basement pricing or easy way to pay less than full price to achieve them.

Always remember that you do know that which you do not know.

The only way to overcome ignorance is to gain more and greater knowledge and wisdom than that which you presently possess. To achieve this state of being requires you to gain greater knowledge through study and experience. Becoming successful is indeed a process and it takes a great amount of time, energy, and effort. But believe me,…it is all well worth the cost.

So if you seriously do want to be happy, successful, and free,…be willing to pay full price. Become a serious student of the Bible. Gain the knowledge and understanding necessary to provide you the guidance to unlock the never-ending source of practical power for living and enjoying a happier, healthier, and more successful life.

God said it as plain as it has ever been stated in the New Testament Book of John, Chapter 10, verse 10 NKJV:

(10) “The thief (Satan) does not come except to steal, to kill, and
to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that
they may have it more abundantly.”

The more you learn and come to understand about what God Almighty tells us within the pages of Holy Scripture, the happier and more successful your life will actually be.

Peace and Love to All of You…………………………Poppa Bear

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