The Real Greatness of America

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I have always been a great American patriot.  My father was a proud World War II U. S. Navy veteran.  As a family we revered the flag of our nation and were well schooled in all things American, true, and respectful of and about our flag.  We always acknowledged and showed respect to those folks who served our country and our population as military men and women.  Respect and acknowledgement as well as gratitude for all those folks who wore the uniform of military service was demanded from and by all of my family members.

The history of the establishment of our nation is packed with tales of great courage, love, sacrifice, and shed blood of its people upon the battlefields around the globe.  The loud and clear message simply was that you and I and our family are free Americans only because someone somewhere was willing to give their life so that we could enjoy and reap the benefits of the blessings of personal liberty and freedom.  Those were sacred and strong blessings and bonds that anchored our love, respect, and total commitment to our country, its history, it’s symbols, its leaders, and our comrades who shared our home land with us. 

And now, after seven and one-half decades of life, education, experience, and development, I still proudly stand up and properly salute our American Flag, recite our Pledge of Allegiance, sing America the Beautiful, God Bless America, and our National Anthem at every opportunity whenever that flag passes by.  Our flag, its nation and all those people who sacrificed their very lives for it represent in solemn reverence and recognition of the blood-soaked price that was paid for it.  Each of us—all Americans—whoever and wherever they happen to be— must never forget our true history or fail to give proper and adequate thanks to and gratitude for all of those souls who freely gave their lives so that you and I could be free and live together in peace and love.  Freedom isn’t free.  We must never forget this lasting fact and its related truths.  We are free Americans today only because someone, somewhere gave their lives protecting this sacred right.

All rights carry with them appropriate personal responsibilities.  You cannot have one without the other.  It is the personal responsibility of each and every American citizen to voluntarily serve their country in and through the form of military service.  It is part of the personal obligation of every American.  

If one desires to live in and under the blessings of freedom and free enterprise, then one needs to pay the price of them.  It is expected and needs to be honored by every individual.  Indeed, freedom isn’t free!  Freedom has a price tag!

Failure to serve and protect your country is not an option.  If you live in America and partake and enjoy its blessings, benefits,  freedoms, and opportunities, then you are morally, spiritually, and physically obligated to serve, provide, and protect “Her.”  There are no options to accepting this obligation!  In America there is no such thing as a “Free Lunch.”

Freedom and Free Enterprise are gifts from God Almighty to the masses.  Through the process of living here in America one has accepted (received) the gifts.  God Almighty rightfully expects the recipients to meet their personal obligations back to Him through their personal acts of service to their fellow man.  He wants to be thanked and have gratitude shown to Him in connection to the gifts He has given to all Americans.  Kindness and appreciation are always the correct and proper way for good people to respond to generosity shown to them by other people.

Alexis de Tocqueville (July 29, 1805—April 16, 1859) was a French aristocrat, diplomat, political scientist and historian.  He is best known for his written works “Democracy in America.”  He analyzed the improved living standards and social conditions of the individuals as well as their relationship to the market and state in western societies.  “Democracy in America” was published after Tocqueville’s travels in the United States.  To this very day this book is still considered to be one of the best works of sociology and political science.

Come with me now as were trace back across the annals of history and listen to the very words of Alexis de Tocqueville….

Early in the nineteenth century the French Statesman, made a complete study of democracy in our country and wrote abut his findings.  He boldly stated:  

“I sought for the greatness and genius of America in her commodious harbors, and her ample rivers, and it was not there.”

“I sought for the greatness and genius of America in her fertile fields and boundless forests, and it was not there.”

“I sought for the greatness and genius of America in her rich mines and her vast world commerce, and it was not there.”

“I sought for the greatness and genius of America in her public school system and her institutions of learning, and it was not there.”

“I sought for the greatness and genius of America in her democratic congress and her matchless constitution, and it was not there.” 

“Not until I went into the churches of America and heard her pulpits aflame with righteousness did I understand the true secret of her genius and power.”

“America is great because America is good, and if America ever ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.”

You now know exactly why we are today suffering and struggling in our own mess and garbage—our own pain and misery.  We as a nation have thrown God out of all our entire systems of building, growing, supporting, and perpetuating our own nation, its society, and its systems of religion, education, economics, and finances.  Whether you like it or not or agree with it or not,…We are a Christian-Judeo Nation.  We are a nation founded on the principles and precepts of Creator God Almighty.  As such He has promised to never leave us or forsake us.   

Fellow Americans, we cannot ask for God’s blessings to continue to wash down upon us and our families on one hand while we toss Him out of our different and varied public institutions and society.  We simply cannot ask Him to go against His good character and His Word.  

Our greatness is God’s gift to us. What we do with that gift or gifts is our own gift back to God.  What type and kind of gift have you been giving to God and to the world through the use of your most blessed gift from Him—your spiritual Heart—your personal mind.   Remember the admonition from God Himself as written to all humanity in the Holy Bible.  The Holy Scripture makes it emphatically clear in the Book Galatians, Chapter 6, verse 7,  NKJV: “Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows that he will also reap.” 

Almighty God wants His Creation—all human beings— to be obedient to Him and His Instructions.   You simply cannot have it both ways.  God will only reward obedience to His Word.  That’s it,…..Period!

Obedience to the Word of God is what our God will reward!  99% obedience is 100% disobedience! 

Do not be deceived.

Peace and Love to all of You……………….Poppa  Bear 

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