The Power of Submission

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One of the single most amazing things that I have come to realize and know over the course of my life is just how backwards most of us are when it comes to really knowing what is actually required in order for us to complete the necessary things to be achieved so as to enable us to accomplish our own dreams and goals. All true success begins with a person having and knowing precisely what it is that they want to accomplish with the living of their life. This situation is most commonly referred to as having a dream. Once the dream has been established and accurately identified, the next requirement in the process of achieving success is for the individual who has the dream to make a decision. The decision is that this person is not going to think about or ponder or bargain with the price that needs to be paid in order for him or her to achieve their desired success. No,…the decision that must be made is that the person who has the dream is going to accomplish his dream and do whatever it takes in order to permit himself to achieve his dream, i.e….to turn his dream into reality. This entire process is what comprises the real definition of success.

Success is the progressive realization of a worthwhile dream or goal.

Such a definition puts forth the idea that the accomplishment of success is a long term proposition. The words,“the progressive realization” connotes achieving certain things over a period of time, rather than doing so in an instant or moment.

So once the dream is established and the decision that you are purposely going to accomplish your dream has been made, then all that remains is for the individual to get about doing the required work needed to generate the necessary funding in order to turn his dream into reality. The process is not complicated or difficult,…but…people who don’t really “get it” for some strange and unknown reason(s) always seem to want to complicate or confuse this process by injecting into it their own untried, untested, and incorrect thoughts or ideas. Another problem that derails their completing the required work habits to accomplish their mission is they somehow think
that they do not have to do what they have been taught how to do, and yet can still reasonably believe that less than a one hundred percent work effort will be rewarded with a one hundred percent blessing and accomplishment. This “winning the lottery” mindset never produces the desired results. Why? Because Success is a planned event. It is not an accident! And, success carries with it a full price tag.

Now please listen to me…using this mathematical formula,…if, 1 + 1 + 1= 3 why would anyone think they could ever get to 3 by adding together anything less than three separate integers. As an example, if ten separate and distinct work habits are absolutely required to accomplish a mission and achieve the desired results that will be produced once the mission is completed, then why in the world would a person waste the time and resources required to do only eight or nine of these clearly identified work habits and still expect their being able to achieve their mission? There is no bargain basement pricing as regards the price of success. Success is only a full price proposition…nothing less. This is the underlying message to the term “Whatever It Takes.” All truly successful people know this one thing…Pay full price to earn full reward!

While it is true that most successful achievers are fairly independent thinkers and performers,…are a little bit rebellious in nature,…are people who march to the beat of their own drum,…it is also just as true that submission to a higher or greater authority and power is always required in the process of achieving your own personal success. It is this very point that keeps most desirous folks from ever achieving what they really want to achieve. They simply “don’t get” the required concept of submission.

Such a failure to understand “what really is important” or “what is truly required” to accomplish success in your life,…stems from our misguided and uneducated society. A major contributor to this lack of understanding about the power of submission can be traced back in our history to the decade of the 1960s. Ahh, the infamous “Hippie” generation, the youthful generation of the disestablishment of and from all authority, is the one who instituted and taunted this rebelliousness. Such a refusal to submit to higher authority for all real intents and purposes led the youth of America straight into misery, suffering, and poverty…particularly in their later senior years for those who actually reached those years.

The idea spawned by the hippies was that no one single person is ever really in such a position in life to have the authority to say or tell anyone else what is “right” or “wrong”…or how they should or could live their own life. They really didn’t “get” what history proves is the secret to all success, happiness, and freedom. They didn’t know or understand the truth of life that tells all of us,…that all power comes to and through an individual by and through the power of submission to a higher authority. This plague to mankind believed and tried to live in a manner and way that is actually opposite to the truth. They misguidedly believed that rebellion was the source of strength and power in their earthly lives and activities….such a philosophy is simply not true.

All real and true power comes to the individual through the power of submission.

Servant leadership is the only real way to lead and guide the followers of any group or organization in the peaceful, happy, and productive accomplishment of their desired goals. Followers so led, then learn by and from the example of their submitted servant leader and are thereby well equipped to grow and further develop into good and great leaders themselves.

History completely and fully records that the greatest servant leader of all recorded time was The Lord, Jesus Christ. There is simply no doubt or question about that fact. If anyone disagrees, then they really “don’t get it.” True Facts of Life are always unarguable…unalienable, and irrefutable.

So, if you truly desire to succeed in life while you are here on this earth,…if you do want to grow, enlarge, and improve your mind, health, and finances,…if you do truly need to become financially independent, happy, and productive,…then you must always keep your operating position or situation in complete submission to a higher authority. The authority for all of us is different as pertains specifically to you, the individual.

But there is no question that everyone, regardless of their personal background, needs to be in submission to the Creator of the Universe, Almighty God,….and all of His laws of human performance. All such Laws are written within the pages of the Holy Bible.

Now I realize that I have just made a most emphatic and grandiose statement in those last two sentences. However I do not make it flippantly or without total authority. The Lord Jesus Christ is The TOTAL AUTHORITY on this earth for all of His Creation. This statement of true truth is made and recorded within the Holy Scriptures in the Book of Matthew, Chapter 28, verses 18–20 KJV:

(18) “And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, ‘All power is
given unto me in heaven and in earth,

(19) Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in
the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy

(20) Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have
commanded you; and, lo, I am with you always, even unto
the end of the world.’ Amen.”

This great Truth of Life should be totally sufficient for even the most untrained mind to grasp and understand. Submission to God and to His Holy Word is applicable to all of the people on this earth,…IF…they desire to have the Power of the Lord at work in their lives.

All of His laws are revealed through the “Divine Creation” of the world and mankind. All of his Laws and operating procedures are given us through the prophecies recorded in Scripture. It is indeed our own personal responsibility to discover and learn these Laws of God and make certain that we apply and live by them. Doing so puts you into a position of submission…and therefore qualifies you to the reward of great and glorious blessings back into your own life. Remember God’s personal promise to each of His created children on earth. It is all recorded in the Book of Matthew, Chapter 6, verses 33–34 NKJV:

(33) “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness,
and all these things shall be added to you.

(34) Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will
worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own

Live your life with random abandon making certain that you live it as if everything you are doing is for The Lord. Be honest in all of your dealings. Perform all of your activities with total integrity. Live your life “on- fire” and “on-purpose.” Never forget…ALL POWER ON EARTH COMES TO YOU THROUGH YOUR TOTAL SUBMISSION TO GOD AND HIS LAWS.

Peace and Love to All of You……………….Poppa Bear

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