The Key to Producing And Raising Great Children – An Actively Involved Dad

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The family unit is the foundational building block of any society and culture. Father Power is paramount within the family unit. The man,…the Dad,…as created and appointed by God Almighty is to be the undisputed Head of the wife and the head of the children. Dear Old Dad must become the Head of the home if life is to be lived in accordance with the commands of the Lord. As goes the Dad,…so goes the family.

The sad and true facts today are that far too many children are being raised in fatherless families. Everybody and everyone loses when children grow up in homes without an active, live-in, and committed father. The best way to teach other people, particularly your own children, is by example. That can only happen when there is a Dad in the house,…a real man in the house. In order for this type teaching to take place and to work, there first has to be a great and good example displayed. An absentee or uninvolved father displays or exhibits no example except a bad and incorrect one. Children can observe and duplicate only that which they first see exhibited.

Our Almighty Creator God established the proper and correct vertical alignment for a successful family unit. He full well knew what it would take for a successful family to begin, persevere, endure, and grow closer to each other and to Him over their lifetime. As is always the case, when we human beings do things right in accordance with God’s Laws then there always results great rewards and blessings. Conversely when things are done wrong or in opposition to God’s Laws, the perpetrators will suffer great harm and unhappiness. God shall not be mocked!

Blessings, benefits, and great rewards in life are all predicated on individual people (family members) having an established, strong, and abiding spiritual root to their lives. The truth is that a person must first come to personally know God and develop a close personal relationship with Him before he can ever learn and then employ God’s laws in the living of his own life. In order for the things of life and of God to work properly, they have to be performed in the correct order and way. It is true that “all things are possible to him who believes,” consequently believing in God and His Laws must come first before a great accomplishment can be subsequently realized. We serve a God of order, specifics, and certainty,…not a god of confusion, discord, or chaos.

Adam came first in the batting order of creation. This is not my opinion. The Bible gives us the straight chain of events. Adam, man, came first within the order of creation, then came the woman, Eve. Thirdly came children. That is God’s order,…not mine. Now if we desire the blessings that are promised to us as stated within the Holy Scriptures, then we must perform in the manner so instructed. There are no short-cuts, quick fixes, or fast elevators to success and happiness. We reach our desired destination by consistently and persistently climbing the ladder of success, one step at a time, everyday until we reach where it is that we want to go.

Dad is to be the Head of the Family. He is to be the king. It is not an automatic or demanded thing or position. The man has to earn the position through godly performance and behavior of required activities and manner of living. The man earns the position and its authority through love, care, and respect for all of the members of the family, and through protecting and providing for all of the needs of the family. Love and Respect for all the family members are the anchor points to keep the family unit close to each other and close to God.

Self-esteem isn’t a lesson you teach a person; it’s a quality you nurture as you live together and strengthen your personal relationships.

The Bible tells us about this very important instruction and it is recorded in the Book of Ephesians, Chapter 6, verses 1–4 NKJV:

Children and Parents

(1) “children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right.

(2) ‘Honor your father and mother,’ which is the first
commandment with promise:

(3) ‘that it may be well with you and you may live long on the

(4) And you fathers, do not provoke your children to wrath, but
bring them up in the training and admonition of the Lord.”

You see blessed friends, leadership in the home is not about power or control,…it is all about mutual submission (See Ephesians 5:21). Godly, manly leadership within the home is about husbands and fathers becoming Christ-like in their behavior while they are leading, providing for, and protecting their families. Spiritual leadership within family life and activities means giving up yourself for the blessing and benefit of someone else. It means assuming responsibility for the health and development of your relationships. Good Dads need to take charge and become a good and godly example for every member of their family.

The job of properly raising a family has been correctly and properly completed by the Mom and Dad when the mere mention of either of their names brings forth fond memories, recollections, and heartfelt on-going love and smiles to the faces of all of their children.

Television personality and broadcaster, Hugh Downs, was once interviewed for a television presentation. The interview serves as a great example from which all of us can learn more about the effects of father power in a child’s life and the long term benefits and blessings that accrue to the parents who put forth the energy, resources, and continual effort to produce and raise a good family. Permit me to re-tell in summary format the results of this referenced interview:

When the interviewer asked Mr. Downs about his own father, Hugh’s face instantly lit up like a switched-on incandescent light bulb. He said that he vividly remembered sitting in his dad’s lap as a little boy, talking with him for long periods of time. His dad would intently listen to him and nod thoughtfully, making him feel both wise and worthy of his attention.

Mr. Downs talked about the many times his father had taken him to the symphony and while enjoying the beautiful music, his dad would carefully explain in detail the names and sounds of the many and various instruments being played.

Hugh went on to further discuss the many different visits on which his father had taken him to various art and history museums. He told about how his dad had discussed art and local history in a way that made it seem alive and fascinating, even to a little boy. Mr. Downs further explained that his father had not only shared a great deal of information with him, he had communicated an overall enthusiasm for life.

The interviewer freely related that he could see how the joy of the father lived on in the life of the son. Hugh Downs’ openness to new ideas, his compassion, and his wide-ranging interests are a testimony to how rich life can be for those fortunate men and women whose fathers and mothers were skilled in the art of dispensing usable love!

Whether or not you personally grew up with such a loving and nurturing father and mother really is not the question at hand. The real question is how will you produce, raise, and nurture your own children and grand children? What kind of example will you be to your children? What kind and how big will the imprint on your children’s lives be that you leave with them while you are alive and involved in their lives? It is my personal prayer that your imprint is great and mighty and lasts for your children’s entire lives.

Peace And Love to All of You………………Poppa Bear

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The Key to Producing And Raising Great Children – An Actively Involved Dad — 3 Comments

  1. I recall as many years ago asking you as a father, what would you have done differently raising your children. You shared with me two things…you would have spanked them less, and would have set aside a day to spend with them doing what they wanted to do. I heeded some of that wonderful wisdom. Your value is amazing Sir. Keep the wonderful articles coming and as always God bless you!

  2. Oh Dave… How I wish I had read this and possessed the knowledge in this article prior to bringing my 2 daughters into this world… You are so wise. I will pass this message on to my children and grandchildren as well as friends and other family members. I hope that every person reading this message will pass it on as well. There is not a family anywhere that your words won’t impact and provide huge opportunities to take a look at themselves and know that their lives and that of their families can always improve with the reading of your endless hours of research and your wisdom. As a member of your web site, I encourage your Blog followers to join as your Blog is just a small taste of the encouragement, empowerment, wisdom and education you continue to provide for us.
    Thank you Dave for your continued blessings on all who follow and learn from you.

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