The Importance of Knowing U.S. History #3

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There Is No Right Way To Do The Wrong Thing

Dr. Benjamin Church was a Boston, Massachusetts physician who joined his fellow colonists in their most vociferous objections to the actions of the British Crown during the turmoil that led to American independence.  Dr. Church railed against the Stamp Act and the Townsend Acts as levied against the colonists by the British Crown.  He loudly lamented the loss of American lives at the Boston Massacre, and there is some evidence that he might even have been a participant in the Boston Tea Party.  To be sure, on the surface, his patriotism could never be questioned, but little did anyone imagine just how much he truly enjoyed the company of ladies with loose morals or what that bad habit would actually wind up costing him in the end.

All the time that Dr. Church was establishing his stellar reputation as a good family man, a competent physician, and a patriot beyond reproach, he was continually keeping company with a number of fast-living women whose desire for the good life kept the good doctor in constant financial distress.  By the year 1775, Dr. Church simply had to face the real facts.  Either he would have to discard his mistresses, or he would have to find other sources of revenue.  That is why he decided to approach the British and attempt to cut a deal for himself.

Sadly, Dr. Church agreed to betray his fellow patriots for a settled on price.  He was to send enciphered messages to the British, detailing the location of ammunition stores, troop movements, and other military intelligence.  In return, he would be handsomely remunerated.  The deal was established.

None of Dr. Church’s double-dealing, however, leaked out until late in 1776.  Up to that point in time he was held in such high esteem that he was chosen to escort General George Washington into Cambridge on the day of his arrival to take command of the Continental Army.  Later on, General Washington made Dr. Church the Surgeon General of the Army.

Doctor Church’s treachery was discovered entirely by accident.  One of the Doctor’s lady friends was caught carrying a message to him from the British military.  Once the message had been deciphered, Dr. Church was fully exposed,…and everyone from the colonies was shocked beyond belief!

General George Washington hardly knew how to react, so he simply put the good doctor on trial for treason.  He was immediately found guilty and sentenced to spend the rest of his life in prison.  Later General Washington changed his mind and sent Dr. Church into exile on a ship bound for the West Indies.  On the way, a sea storm brewed up and Dr. Church as lost at sea.  He was never heard from again.

Several years after Dr. Church died, hard evidence came to light proving that it had been Dr. Church who had alerted the British to the fact that the colonials were storing arms and ammunition at Concord.  Thus his death at sea become a blessing for the countrymen he had betrayed.  With the doctor consigned to a watery grave, no state would have to provide a plot of ground for his remains.  

America’s very first colonial spy would forever be a man without a country.

Peace And Love to All of You………………..Poppa Bear  

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The Importance of Knowing U.S. History #3 — 2 Comments

  1. Integrity is paramount in area of our lives. As the Scripture says, “Be sure your sin will find you out” (Numbers 32:23)Miss you Poppa Bear!

  2. As always – Dave shares awesome insight into our countries ‘interesting’ beginnings!
    What an incredible Patriot !! 💎🦅

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