The Five Essentials of Good Leadership

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Author, lecturer, former pastor, and motivational speaker, John C. Maxwell makes the bold but true statement when he says that everything in life rises and falls based upon existing leadership.  That is a most powerful statement of truth.  The person who thoroughly learns this truth and gains as much knowledge, wisdom, and practical application of that truth will indeed go far in life and in successful accomplishment.

The more you know about good and effective leadership and what it means or looks like, the faster you will grow and the farther you will go as a leader of other people.  Now please listen carefully.  Learning from the knowledge, wisdom, and experiences of other leaders will always enable you to go faster and farther than you would ever be able to go without possessing this wonderful knowledge. 

All of the truly good and effective leaders of other people possess the real potential to influence and shape their own generation.  These type people are always eager to learn.  They seem to always be committed to greater personal growth, and if and when they are ever given a true chance, they will always attempt to do more and greater things than their older generation attempted to do or only dreamed about doing.

Permit me the privilege to pass on to you readers and listeners what I have learned and applied in my life as concerns the leadership, teaching, training, and influencing of other people in the laws of success and the spiritual truths of leading other people in all of the significant and critically important areas of life.

If you as an individual have indeed been given much up to this point in your life, then permit me to remind you that you are instructed by your Creator, God Almighty, that there will then be all the more actually required of you as you continue to grow, lead, and be blessed with yet even more good and wonderful things and circumstances that lay ahead in your personal life.  What you have learned, earned, and then passed on to others you are leading, by your personal example, opportunity, and training  will be greatly blessed by God and multiplied into the lives of those who are following your leadership.  It is a great personal responsibility that you are accepting as a dutiful obedient leader of others.

The great leaders of other people were, for the most part, well groomed and well prepared for leadership responsibilities while they still lived at home with their parents.  It is the wisest parents who teach and train their children properly in the course of having and using good personal and social manners and ways in living with and dealing with other human beings.  These skills are best learned from having a good and well rounded education, from learning and then using a good command of the English language.  From being able to properly and effectively communicate with other people in both the spoken and written word correctly spelled, enunciated, punctuated, and inflicted.  Reading is of course the best way to learn such grammar skills and application principles.

One of the very best things you can do and give to and for your children is to trust them in all aspects of doing the right and righteous things with their use of their life in serving and loving other people.  Trust is developed within a personal relationship just as is love.  You will never truly love a person unless and until you first trust them.

The real purpose of publishing my own website, was to provide a good vehicle that would allow me to meet my personal responsibility of passing on what I have learned over the last 43+ years of my life in working and dealing with other people in both a leader and follower role.   I have been so blessed to be associated with, to sit at the feet of such other great people of world renown, and to learn from the best and brightest of leaders of other people in business, academia, political, and spiritual realms,…that I simply could not fail to make or disregard arrangements for presenting and archiving this wisdom and knowledge that I have learned over the past five decades of my life.  My hindsight can and definitely will be your foresight if you will but dive into this website and mine it for every drop of good and wise counsel that you can draw from it.  It is my long range desire to reach and gift other capable men and women all of what I have spent my life learning, so that they can all eventually catch, pass, and replace me and my accumulated knowledge and wisdom.

In all effective and lasting leadership activities, success must have a succession, must have a successor, who picks up the leadership mantle and carries it on to another great leader or group.  Hence this website exists.  True and lasting success has to be, by design, voluntary.  In order to pass on what one has learned, there must first be in place a wanting and willing student who really wants to learn and is willing to accept the mantle of his gifted leadership responsibilities.  It is my true heart’s desire that you who are listening to or reading this article have such a desirous heart, who want to absorb what is being taught, who are choosing to voluntarily grasp what is being given to you, so that you will take it to the next higher level, internalize it, and then give it to any and all other people who would appreciate and use it.  It is all being given and made available to anyone who desires and uses it all for the greater glory of God.

Permit me to share with you what I believe are the five real essential aspects of all good and right leadership.  They are:

1. Competence

All good and effective leaders of other people most assuredly need to channel or focus their personal energies toward those arenas or venues in which they are most likely to excel.  They need to work the most in their areas of personal strength.

2. Clarity

Uncertain times require clear directives from those people who are in leadership roles.  The real temptation for most leaders is to allow uncertainty to grasp them and leave them paralyzed in complete non productive activity.  The real leader of people must learn how to be clear even when he is not certain.

3. Courage

You do not always need to be the smartest or most creative person on the team to be the real leader of the group.  The real leader is not always the one who first identifies the opportunity.  The real leader is the one who has the courage to initiate, to set things in motion, and to move ahead with good production.

4.  Coaching

Regardless of the level and quality of your personal knowledge, even if it is better than anyone else’s on the team, you still need a good mentor, a good coach to become an effective leader.  Without you having and learning from a good coach, you will never be as good as you could be.

5.  Character

You can lead without having good character, but you won’t be a leader worth following.  Good character on the part of the leader provides all of his followers the moral authority necessary to bring together the needed people and resources required to further build and pass on the developed enterprise.

Nothing happens in your life without God approving it to happen,…allowing it to happen,…nothing!  So if you have been gifted to lead other people, then,…you will lead other people. There is simply nothing that can happen that would stop you from leading.

If God has gifted you to lead other people, more than likely other people have already begun to recognize your gift, and are beginning to line up in order to follow your lead.  This website has been put into place so as to be able to equip you to become a real leader whose life is marked by those personal qualities that will insure a no-regrets life experience for all those folks who choose to follow you; a leader whose full intention is to so live his life that he plans and accomplishes those important things with his life so as to leave this world in much better shape than when he found it.

Think about it for a moment.  There are new people being born and being groomed right now to become new great leaders in this world.  As they mature and come into their own strength and power, they will indeed begin to shape and mold the future of our nation and our world during your own lifetime.  Today, at this hour, nobody actually knows just who those future leaders in-the-making are.  You might just as well throw your own hat into the ring by leveraging your own gifts, talents, and opportunities for all they are worth.  God knows our world truly needs many new, great, and godly leaders of people as we press on into the future.  Embracing these five essentials of great leadership will indeed enable you to do just that. 

May I exhort you to become a Premier Member of right now.  Let your life’s journey begin.

Peace and Love to All of You…………………..Poppa Bear

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