Old Dogs Or New Creatures?

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Living good, happy, productive, and prosperous lives does not happen by accident or as a matter of luck.  Personal success is the accumulated result of right thinking and right actions.  Those are two things that are completely your own choices.

Ignorance is overcome by education and knowledge.

Stupidity keeps a person in the wrong spot for as long as he or she chooses to stay stupid.

Can you change human nature?  It all depends on whom you choose to believe and how you decide to think for yourself:

     Freud would say,  “No, you cannot change people.”  So he despaired of 
     man.  Shortly before he died, Sigmund Freud told Viktor Frankl, “The
     more I study man, the more I despise him.”

     Marx would say, “Yes, change man’s economic environment and you
     eliminate all human ill.” So Freudians never make good Marxists.

     Jesus Christ would say, “No you cannot permanently change
     personality only through environment.  Put a pear tree in an apple
     orchard and it is still a pear tree!”  And He would also say, “Yes, you
     can change your life by changing your thinking.  Allow the Holy
     Spirit to come into you and you will be a new person.”…

     Alexander Pope prayed: “O God, make me a better man.”  His aide
     said, “It would be easier to make you a new man.”

That is possible.  St. Paul wrote, “If anyone is in Christ he is a new creature.”  How does this happen?  “Except you are born again you cannot enter the kingdom of heaven,” Jesus said.  Don’t let the word “converted” scare you.  Photosynthesis is the process by which the energy of sunlight is used to convert water or air into plant food.  Life is converting food into energy; energy into action; mineral into vegetable, vegetable into animal, 

Animal into human,…and a selfish person…into a Christ-like believer….

There are millions of human beings living on earth who have accepted Christ into their lives—and they have changed!  They are able to love—unselfishly and unconditionally.

Remember, all men born on the earth to man and woman are born into the world completely separated from Jesus Christ because of the original sin of Adam and Eve.  The original sin was incurred in the Garden of Eden when they disobeyed God’s command to not eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  Separated as they are, they will live their lives totally separated from God and without His promised blessings and rewards.  When they die here on earth their souls will go to hell where they will dwell and be punished for all their transgressions forever, unless and until they accept the Lord Jesus Christ back into their lives by becoming Born Again Believers.  Such conversion reconciles them back into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Children of God.  Such a new personal relationship with Jesus guarantees them that upon their death here on earth their souls will go to heaven and spend eternity with Jesus forever.

Any way you cut it or measure it…It is just the wisest thing to do with your own life…Make sure that you are a Born-Again Bible believing Christian.  You will be glad that you made the change!

Peace and Love to all of You……………Poppa Bear 

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