No Lasting Success Without God’s Wisdom

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Success is one of the most talked about and discussed subjects in our world today. Every where you go or look it seems like someone is talking about or writing about success. All of the emphasis is on the single word Success.

Seldom if ever do you see or hear about the always necessary side-kick of all lasting success, Wisdom. In the world today we rarely see the word wisdom in print. It will appear in biblical literature or biblically based books or papers but that is about the only place you will see it. It is conspicuously absent in almost all other written material. How odd…don’t you think?

Whenever I personally need to know the best usage of words and/or means of achieving my desired benefits or rewards, I always go to God’s Word, The Holy Bible and see what God has to say about my desired subject. Once I know what God wants me to do, then I eagerly go about doing just as He instructs. This preferred method may not always be the easiest way, but it is always the best way. Here is what God has to say regarding the link between Success and Wisdom. In the Book of Ecclesiastes 10 : 10 NKJV. The Word is clear:

(10) “If the ax is dull,
And one does not sharpen the edge,
Then he must use more strength;
But wisdom brings success.”

Hard work does not always produce desired success. Working Smart is the only way that you will actually get the success you are after.

The only way I know how to work smart is to….Learn, Understand, and then Apply in your life, God’s Laws of Success.

God is no respecter of persons and therefore His Laws apply equally to everybody. The important thing to remember is that you will never violate God’s Laws…you will only confirm them. And if you are ignorant of God’s Laws, they will always work against you. Ignorance or stupidity about God’s Laws is not an acceptable argument or defense.

Once you learn and know God’s Laws of Success, you will begin to use them. When used in your life they will provide great and glorious benefits to you.

I once read this definition of wisdom and really liked it. I think you will too. Wisdom is the ability to view life as God perceives it.

Now since God is The Creator of the entire Universe and all things in it, that would include then all things and people. That said, it would only naturally follow that He, God, would see and perceive ALL THINGS AND ALL PEOPLE.

Using that logic, Wisdom must be one of the most important words in our entire English language. That being so, don’t you think it odd that we see so little of its usage? I certainly do.

All real and true WISDOM COMES FROM GOD. He will gladly give it to anyone who qualifies to receive it, and who, in fact, will first ask God for it.

Throughout the Holy Bible, and especially in The Book of Proverbs there are all kinds of references and instructions concerning the subject of Wisdom, and of being Wise. God’s Word is continuously instructing us to get Wisdom and Understanding. He is always telling us to be Wise and make good and right choices. Why do you suppose He keeps on talking about this thing called Wisdom? I will tell you why…..because He loves us and wants only the best for us.

Here is exactly what God has to say about the importance of Wisdom and Understanding. It is all recorded in the Book of Proverbs 4 : 7 NKJV :

(7) “Wisdom is the principal thing;
Therefore get wisdom.
And in all your getting, get understanding.”

Success will occur in your life when God knows you are prepared and ready to handle it. God will never give you anything in life that you are not able to handle. It is just like you giving your car keys to one of your own children before they are ready and prepared to drive. Timing is everything when it comes to accomplishing success. If you are not prepared and/or ready to handle and live with your success,…then even if it comes to you,….you will not keep it very long. There are a great many benefits as well as responsibilities and expectations that come along with success in your life.

If you have chosen to pay the price to become successful, then you will surely want to make certain that once you accomplish it you can handle it and thereby be able to keep it. Correct? That is the very reason that success is a process and that you must exercise great patience in achieving it so that you are ready and prepared to keep it.

Now remember that knowing and using the Wisdom of God is a rarity today. That means that it is seldom used. So once you get this wisdom and begin using it, you will be very much different from the masses of people. As such you will undoubtedly be recognized and most probably be heavily criticized by the masses of people. This so-called negative response to Godly Wisdom is one of the major reasons why so many people rarely keep the success they have quickly achieved. They for the most part didn’t get God’s Wisdom and Understanding along with the success they achieved. Without this godly Wisdom, they so often lose such temporary success.

Real, true and lasting success comes slowly and with long-suffering. It is not accomplished instantaneously. You need to grow into it. Proper and personal preparation is part of the process. The old adage is really true: Easy come…easy go.

Growing IN wisdom and understanding is a wonderful thing for anyone.

Wisdom and Understanding are prerequisites for all good and godly success.

Get your preparation done before getting your success and you will surely keep and enjoy and be blessed from the success you have accomplished. ALWAYS KEEP FIRST THINGS FIRST.

Wisdom may not give us great popularity, it may not make us all kinds of friends or provide overt accolades from others, and it may not give us initially great personal wealth. It may not mean that we will be the most respected in our immediate circle of associates or even in our chosen field of endeavor. It may not initially provide us the most significant or listened to voice within our individual company or organization,…..but……ultimately, as God gauges it, we will be successful and our accomplished success will last for our lifetime. And isn’t that what you are really after….Lasting Personal Success?

Peace And Love to All of You……………………Poppa Bear

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No Lasting Success Without God’s Wisdom — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you Dave for this explanation.
    Just today I read, “The fear of the LORD is the beginning
    of wisdom. Without the reverence and honor of God we haven’t
    even started being wise.
    Your talk was a confirmation, thanks again.

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