Mental Toughness..The Key to Victory

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Science, recorded history, the medical profession, common knowledge and understanding, and The Bible tells us in no uncertain terms that the human brain is not only the most important organ of the body, but also is the command post for all activities of the body.  Simply put, you must have a brain or else nothing will work for you as it was originally designed and conceived by and with your Creator. 

The fact is that the rest of your body was created and attached to your cranium for one specific purpose and that was to mobilize your brain.  An immobile brain serves little purpose or function.  Activity must take place if effort is to be expended.  Effort always precedes results.  It follows then that if results are the end desire, production activity must first be implemented.  Someone and something must move!  The process of accomplishment is really not difficult.  It goes something like this:  No brain, no control center, no production activity, no effort, consequently no results.  Pretty simple isn’t it?  That is the way Creator God does most all of his work…simple…That way anyone can do it. 

Science and Psychologists tell us that the brain is a “self-servo” mechanism.  That is a big word which means it primary use is to serve, assist, and benefit the person who possesses this brain.  That would, of course, be you.  Therefore, it follows that if God gave you a brain, and its purpose was to serve and assist  you for your own benefit, then a person should at least be expected to learn about his own brain and how best to develop and use it.  In so doing it would be he, himself, who would receive the greatest blessings, rewards, and benefits from his  own brain’s performance. 

Let me take it a step further for you.  You, as a human being, are a product of your own mental environment.  That environment is established primarily from two separate and distinct things:  (1) The Books You Read and (2) The People With Whom You Associate.  My personal advice to you is that you make absolutely certain that you carefully choose the good high quality people and the similar high quality content of what you allow into your mind through all of your other physical senses.  These two areas of your life are what governs and controls your thoughts, deeds, and actions.  Remember, what you put into your mental environment is the very same thing that you will take back out of it.  And whatever you take out of your mental environment is what will show up in your activities and their related consequences. 

God’s Holy Word emphatically tells us that we will get back exactly that which we first give out.  Specifically the Bible says in The Book of Luke, Chapter 6, verse 38  NKJV:

“Give, and it will be given to you:  good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be put into your bosom.  For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you.”  

Now that is God’s Promise to you and me.  I choose to believe it.  I choose to stand on it.   Because I want good and beneficial rewards and blessings from God in my life, then I must insure that such are the things that I am giving out to all other people with whom I am dealing. 

The old computer term GIGO means “garbage in…garbage out.”  I want good and valuable and gracious blessings and benefits flooding into my life,…how about you?  To insure that happens, I must first be willing to pour those type things into the lives of other folks.  Doing so is a total choice on my part.  I can only control my part,…not the other folk’s part.  Have you ever heard the sound advice to only worry about and care about taking care of yourself and your own activities?  God promises that if we will take care of ourselves and love and serve other people, then we will all receive His blessings and benefits.  I believe that and choose to stand on it! 

You see, friends, we know that we are supposed to do good and great deeds with our lives. We know we are supposed to give of ourselves, to love and help our fellow man, and to lighten the burden of our fellow travelers, but knowing to do such things and then actually doing them seem to be two different situations or scenarios. 

Now we have established that the human brain is the entity in control of all our thoughts, decisions and activities.  Therefore, we had better understand our own brain and how it works.  The brain is the communication link by and between earthly man and Creator God.  Good, positive and creative thoughts all originate from our Creator.  He then gives them on into our own minds.  We always need to be sensitive to His thoughts and ideas and act accordingly on them as soon as we receive them.  We are to always be obedient to the leading of the Lord. 

Mental toughness is being just that…obedient to proper thoughts, ideas, concepts, and leadings from our God that He sends into our own minds.  Because of our God-given conscience, we innately know what is right and what is wrong.  If you desire blessings, abundance, and benefits to be sent into your life, then mental toughness had best be exercised on your part.  Remember, there is no right way to do the wrong thing.  To reap a great blessing or reward you need to always do the right and honorable thing.  And you need to do it with total honesty and integrity.

In God’s eyes,…Right always begats more Right.  

Mental toughness always eliminates or restricts wrong thoughts deeds or actions.  Mental toughness always limits or disables distractions or other things that try to derail or postpone us from doing the right and honorable thing.  Mental toughness is the strength from which we draw to stay steady at the task until the job is completed,…until the job is done. 

If you want to be victorious, if you want to achieve great and glorious results from your expended efforts, if you want to have God’s blessings flooded over you and your family, then just make certain you are mentally tough.  Here is how you do it: 

1.    First know exactly What you and your spouse, if you are married, want and When you want to receive it. Aways set a date.  

2.  Then you must decide what price you are willing to pay (what you are  willing to Give Up) to get what you say that you want.  Always be willing to pay full price.  There is no bargain basement pricing when it comes to the price of success. 

3.  After that, you must do whatever it takes to begin to regularly associate with other Successful People who are able and willing to help you get what it is that you say that you want.   

4.  Finally you need to have a proven Plan that will generate sufficient income from your efforts of working that plan to enable you to convert your desires into reality.  In other words, you need to Plan Your Work, and then Work Your Plan. 

Now that four-step plan of achievement is not so difficult is it?  No, I should say not at all.  But it must be implemented and completed by you, if you expect to receive the desires and rewards that it will produce.   

You see, my friends, The Key, always has been and always will be YOU. 

Become mentally tough and watch the desires of your heart start becoming realities in your life.


Peace and love to all of you……Poppa Bear


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