Know “Why” You Are Doing Something Before Figuring Out The “How” Of Doing It

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There are just two types and kinds of “laws” that govern the affairs of man here on earth. No matter what you think or feel, the truth of the matter is that you live and operate your life under either God’s Laws or man’s laws. That’s it period! It is either one way or the other. You can’t serve two masters so says the Word of God. I just want to point out that you cannot serve God while you believe, think, speak, and perform your work using man’s laws as your basis of operations. As a Born-Again Believer in the Lord Jesus Christ you will be (live) in the world but you will not be of the world.

God and His Laws always trump man and his laws.

There, undoubtedly, are a whole lot of you who will at this time disagree with my last statement, but,…say what you will, nothing you can say or do will change the truth of my statement. There are plenty of places within the Word of God that support what I am telling you. Search them out for yourself before you argue or criticize.

Now God’s laws have some very interesting foundational truths in which they are anchored. Remember, God is no respecter of persons. He plays no favorites. What He says applies equally to all people regardless of race, color, creed, ethnicity, or any other personal characteristics or categories. What He says is the same for all mankind. In short, what applies and works for one, applies and works for all. That’s it,…period! Stop thinking that you are different than the masses. You are the same and that is why God loves you just as much as He loves anyone else.

There is a most interesting Truth of Life that also applies equally well to all people,…no exceptions. This Truth simply stated says:

There is no success principle on earth that will work for you,
…If you won’t work,…for yourself!

Somewhere along the line of growing up, maturing, taking on increasing personal responsibility, and staying on task until the task is completed, many wrong ideas have been generated and learned by the masses of our population. More and more people, and particularly young people, let’s say those folks under the age of 70,…have some incorrect or foreign ideas that have somehow convinced them that achieving success is completely easy, really doesn’t require much continuous work ethic, takes a lot of “luck,” and can and should be accomplished in a relatively short period of time. They also think and conduct themselves under the false pretense that achieving real success does not require a consistent and persistent application of doing the right and proper things to accomplish that which is required to achieve their desired levels of success.

These type folks, after starting their own journey to success, after an
on-again,…off again,…work habit (which never produces any kind of lasting results), easily give up on themselves and their dreams and quit performing any of the requirements to accomplish their once chosen path to their personal success. After realizing that quitting only guarantees their own failure, they most usually begin criticizing or bad-mouthing the very same opportunity that only a few months or years before they accepted and grasped as their personal pathway to success.

These very same people, whether asked or not, are always quick to reply that they gave the needed efforts their “all” but it just didn’t work for them personally. May I ask you to stop reading or listening to this article and quickly go back and re-read or re-listen to the first four paragraphs above.

Anyone reading or listening to this discussion who finished high school or for certain college level education has surely heard of the six requirements for good reporting of people, places, events, and accomplishments. The good and accurate reporting of any kind of occurrence needs to have the following six questions correctly answered in the course of accurately reporting an event They are:

1. Who
2. What
3. When
4. Where
5. How
6. Why

I will further tell you that in business operations and procedures, the same six questions need to be asked and correctly answered if one chooses to become successful in any type of business industry.

I would exhort you to stop your “helter-skelter” running around in circles and wasting valuable time and resources. Stop and think for a moment. If you are working towards achieving your own success, in whatever business vehicle you have chosen, and nothing of significance is appearing to happen or be established, i.e. your business and yourself are not growing and creating more results, then don’t you agree that you need to change something? Wouldn’t that be a logical question to ask yourself?

Insanity is defined as doing the same thing in the same way, over and over again when nothing is happening, and you are expecting good and different results. The fact is,…that, if you are here,…and you want to be there,…then something you are doing or not doing has to change!

You are personally responsible to make your own decisions and changes in your own activities. No one else has that responsibility to make the appropriate decisions, adjustments, and changes for you. God will not even do it for you. You personally have to grow up,…begin to make better choices, decisions, and adjustments,…and then begin putting those new choices into action, effort, and effect.

You have heard me say time and time again that “Success does not attack.” If you truly do desire to achieve success in your life, then you are going to have to work long and hard to accomplish it, no matter what field of endeavor you select. You will always have to pay full price in order to achieve your chosen level of success regardless of the pricing structure. There are simply no bargain basement prices as regards the price of success.

Please listen carefully,…there is an old saying that says, “The grass always seems or appears to be greener on the other side of the fence.” This particular saying is simply not true. While the grass on the other side of the fence on which you are working may indeed appear to be greener than the grass on your side of the imagined fence, the truth is that it is not.

The grass is the same on both sides of the fence. It is only in the mind of the lessor or weaker performer that it has been imagined or accepted that it is greener or better on the opposite side.

Such a false statement has derailed many a candidate attempting to accomplish their own success. Never compare yourself and your own efforts and achievements (or lack thereof) to those of someone else, particularly if that other person is not directly involved or associated with you. Everybody is uniquely different, possesses different strengths and weaknesses than do you, and has a different level of knowledge and understanding. Consequently everyone has their own individual level and strength of work ethic. The truth is that human nature never changes. Most folks are negative and highly skeptical. Most people are lazy or only moderately active. Most people are not properly prepared for success in their life so they must work a lot harder and longer than do others who are succeeding. Patience and love, mercy and grace, and continuous work ethic are the very best tools necessary for an individual accomplishment of true success. Make certain you are using all of these tools in being the correct example for those people you are leading. Remember, it (success) is never going to come to you fast enough. Relax,…God has everything under His control. He will allow you to achieve your desired level of success,…when He says you are ready to handle it,…and not a day earlier.

Now back to what I was discussing earlier concerning the correct reporting requirements of any significant accomplishment. The six questions and their order of importance are created by man, not by God. God’s order of importance for those very same six questions is slightly different and account for why so few people actually succeed. All dreams come from God. It was His dream before He gave it to you. He also created you (mankind) and knows full well how He accomplished that great feat. He knows how you “work” from the inside out. Here is how He designed the human being as regards the accomplishment of successful endeavors. The following six questions still need to be answered, but the order of importance comes into play in a slightly different order.

This is the way God designed you to work and achieve your own success…regardless of your theatre of operations:

1. who
2. what
3. when
4. where
5. WHY
6. how

My point is really quite simple. While everything in life is always in a constant state of change,…human nature never changes. It is a well known Truth of Life that unless and until there is a great reason for a person to do something, the WHY you want to do something is much greater and more important than the How you are going to do it. This is the very reason why so few people succeed to their desired levels of success. My experience for the past four decades, is that most folks get all balled up, distracted, and eventually derailed in trying to figure out the intimate details of “How” something must be done,…instead of first fully determining the “Why” it should be attempted and accomplished. It is the “WHY” of a task that will always provide the prerequisite internal self-motivation to discipline a person’s flesh to do the necessary work to accomplish it.

Without a sufficient “WHY” there is really no need for the “HOW.”

I tell you that Dreams are the seeds of vision, but Vision is the heart of all Success. No one has ever achieved true success without employing great amounts of self discipline. It is the vision you are pursuing that will produce the necessary self discipline to keep you performing the needed work ethic to accomplish your mission and turn your own dreams into reality.

Permit me to get out of your way and be the first to wish you “Bon Voyage.” Enjoy your own journey to your own success.

When the Why is right,…the How is easy.


Peace And Love to All of You………………..Poppa Bear

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