Finish The Year Strong And Carry The Momentum Into The New Year – New Feature For 2018

Facebook Twitter was officially launched January 1, 2013. Knowledge, wisdom, and great understanding from the annals of history and its achievement has been accumulated every day for the last five full years. Since that important date, over 1,000 different articles and discussions have been written, recorded, and posted to this website. All articles so posted have been categorized into several different topics of discussion and areas of importance as relates to living a person’s life on purpose and with great personal resolve in a righteous manner and way.

Real and lasting success within a person’s life is not an accident. It doesn’t just one day happen. It is a well planned event which is built and established for good reason and purpose, and which produces and provides wonderful blessings and benefits to the person who not only accomplishes his own preplanned success, but also to other people’s lives with whom he or she is affiliated, associated, committed to, and dedicated.

It is a well known fact that everything of true significance, in and of life, rises and falls based upon the type, kind, quantity, and quality of the human leadership that is leading and driving the personal effort being utilized to accomplish the chosen levels of personal success. This website was pre-purposed to take the proven and recorded knowledge and wisdom of the ages, as learned and developed by the greatest men and women of achievement, and glean from that body of knowledge and understanding the real pearls of wisdom so gathered in order to openly, freely, and boldly share them with the masses of humanity.

A tremendous effort has been made to gather and group the important areas of developing and then living a life of great significance and lasting success. These archives of are now made available to you, the website user, to any desired degree and scope that you choose to use.

A Premier Member to gets unlimited access to everything contained within this website for each and every category for each and every year. Cost to the website user for this benefit is a minimal $9.99 per month. That equates to approximately two beverages of your choice per month. How much is success really worth to you? How much will you be willing to invest in yourself and your own personal knowledge and understanding?

Beginning January 1, 2018, all previously posted articles for each and every year, 2013—2017, will now be available for purchase for and by even non-registered members to at a discounted rate.

Each previous year will be available for purchase and will be individually bundled in one single zip file for easy download.

I would highly recommend and encourage you to make this historic and most valuable information and knowledge a major part of your personal library. Use it as a source of knowledge and wisdom from which to grow yourself mentally, academically, intellectually, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. It is all presented here for you. It is yours for the taking!

I have spent over 40 years accumulating this wisdom and understanding; an entire lifetime, and now it is yours for practically nothing. I only wish that such a fountain of knowledge would have been so easily available for me when I started this personal quest to learn more, know more, and use more knowledge than that which I possessed when I began as a young man climbing up my own ladder of success so many years ago. It would have made the trip so much easier.

At a minimum, I exhort you to log into the website and check out the posting archives so as to get a real feel for the fabulous content and scope of the information it contains. Carefully review the article titles. See for yourself whether or not there are some subjects that not only directly pertain to you and your loved ones, but also whether or not you know some other people who need or would want this type of useful information for application within their own lives and families.

Wisdom and knowledge is absolutely useless until it is learned and/or used or shared with other people.

Now please remember, unused knowledge and wisdom is a great and most undesirable thing. It is also a most worthless thing. The knowledge for which you have been searching is now here and totally available for your choosing. Acquire it, read and digest it and its contents, and then put this information to use in your own life as you live it out both here on earth and later on into eternity.

Enjoy it all,…the learning, the knowing, and the using and sharing of it.

Happy New Year precious friends.

May God Almighty richly bless you and your family in the coming years.

Let us now go and grow together as we encounter new and meaningful real life experiences from this day and beyond.

Peace And Love to All of You…………………………Poppa Bear

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