Are You Willing to Learn and Grow?

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I learned long ago that almost everyone is more than capable of becoming successful.  Certainly they are all well qualified to become successful.  You may ask How can that be?  Because God made them all and He equipped every one of His creations for a successful purpose.  Oh sure, they may not all be pretty and trim.  Some don’t look as sharp or are as well mannered as others.  The facts are that we all look different on the outside….But….God made us all the same on the inside…and… Success is an inside-out proposition for sure.   It is not the color of the helium-filled balloons that make them rise. It is only that which is inside (the helium) that causes them to rise above the others.

So the real question that has to be answered,…and it can only be answered by the involved person,… is are you willing to change and grow into a wiser and more knowledgeable person than you are right now?  Are you willing to put forth the required effort to grow and develop that which God has already given you into something more than you are right now?  No one can answer those questions for you.  Only you can answer those questions for yourself.   

Change seems to be something most folks are afraid to do or go through.  I do not know why it is such a big deal.  Change is inevitable.  We all are going through the process of change each day of our lives.   Every cell in your body is replaced annually.  Things in your life are always changing.  Maybe it is because you don’t believe that you can change or you simply don’t want to go through the necessary changes that you already know you will have to address after you begin your new growth process.  I don’t really know why people fight change so furiously, I just know they do.  The fact of the matter is that it really makes no difference why they fight it.  If you want things to be different than they presently are,…..then something has to change.  In all probability the most likely thing that needs to change is you! 

Well now, let’s really think this predicament through.  If it is you who needs to change in order to give yourself the opportunity to bring new and better things into your life, then why are you fighting it?  How about just accepting it as it really is,….and get about starting the process of making changes in your life!  If it is you who needs to change, then get after changing!  You are an adult,…start acting like one!  You are the only person on earth that can change you.  You are the one person who is totally responsible to make the appropriate changes in yourself.  Grow up!  Take the leadership role!  Start changing your life by making new and better decisions than you have made up this point in your life.  Quit whining and quit waiting for someone else to do things for you!   

There is no such thing as surrogate success.  Successful thoughts, deeds, and actions on your part is just like going to the bathroom… is one of those things that you have to do for yourself….no one else can do it for you. 

Take a moment and examine the word SUCCESS. 

The real secret to the word and the whole process of achieving it, lies in the second letter of the word.  YOU are the secret.  The secret was placed inside of you at conception by your heavenly creator….God
Almighty.  He makes no junk.  He designed you just the way you are…perfect in His eyes to achieve and accomplish His preplanned purpose for your life.  Quit making excuses with your limp-legged reasons as to why you can’t do something.  You are just as capable of accomplishing great and wonderful things in your life as anyone else who has ever been created before you. 

Successful oriented people live their lives from the perspective of Abundance.  They make a lot of things happen for their own benefit and for that of other people.  They also make a lot of money.  They use their wealth wisely and properly, and they are greatly blessed by their Creator for using their lives just they way they were given them.  Their rewards are great and they will receive a “well done” after their lives on this earth come to an end. 

Failures, on the other hand, live their lives from the perspective of Scarcity.  They just always are making Excuses.  They are always suffering from great “lack” of almost everything in their lives.  They are usually extremely selfish people.  They are always worried about their finances and everything always costs too much. They are much more interested in helping themselves than they are helping and serving others.  They never come close to becoming the person God intended them to be because they live in fear,…they worry about things they cannot control, and they spend their lives making excuses…..instead of making anything of significance happen……thereby leaving no time or room to get about achieving the purpose that their God had originally placed in them when they were conceived. 

Ideas, actions, and choices all carry with them,….consequences.  Great consequences. 

Always remember,…You have the ability and the authority to choose your own actions and circumstances…..BUT….. You cannot ever choose your own consequences!  God Almighty is in charge of that. 

Like begats like.  Good ideas carry with them good consequences,…and bad choices carry with them,….bad consequences.  It is your choice.  It is all up to You! 

If you truly desire to become successful in your own chosen field of endeavor, then simply discover what is required to achieve that which you want, and then make a decision and get started toward your chosen destination immediately! If you have decided to become what you truly desire to be, then get on with doing what is required to accomplish your desires.  What are you waiting for? Begin to grow and change.  Don’t be afraid of failing.  All real and lasting success is based and built upon a foundation of failures.  Just learn and grow from your mistakes…and make the appropriate changes in your life so that you will enable yourself to achieve your own success.  Keep putting forth the necessary effort to accomplish that which you desire.  Stay active over the long term.  Don’t quit.  Don’t give up.  Don’t back up.  Don’t shut up!  Change and grow everyday….And YOU WILL MAKE IT!!! 


Peace and love to all of you……Poppa Bear 

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