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Hello Friends,


Many people are wondering what has happened to Dave Severn?  That is not good because it is the way rumors get started.  So, in an effort to bring you up to date on my personal status, I want to give everyone a little update on myself and my condition.  

As amazing as it is, one of the oft repeated questions I receive is if I am still affiliated with my original business organizations and if so, why am I no longer at major events and traveling to various functions in general.  Does the statement ring hollow in your ears?  “Never.  Never Quit!”  

Yesterday I sent out a voicemail that hopefully will trickle its way down through the organization.  My message has to do with my current physical health condition.  Nothing has changed for me from a business standpoint and I still continue to build and support the businesses (as best I am able) with whom I have been involved for over 42 years.  

I have been through a tremendous physical battle with my failing health over the past 6 years.  I have had four different surgical procedures, complete kidney failure that has since returned to normal function, arthritis in my tailbone, and a weakened heart muscle since I suffer from congestive heart failure.  

The past 90 days have been really rough to say the least.  I was going to have a nerve burn done on and around my tailbone and opted to have a deep tissue massage done first.  The massage greatly aggravated the area and flared up my sciatic nerve causing severe hip and knee pain.  I couldn’t lay flat from the pain and my breathing was getting more difficult the flatter I got.  After physical therapy and a few shots to the spinal column, the pain has finally subsided, however, I still get easily exhausted just walking down the hall.  I was very disappointed to miss another hunting and fishing season among other events that required traveling and physical body movement.  You might say I was a real mess.  

In early February, 2019, my cardiologist informed me after a long battery of tests and examinations that most likely my leaky heart valves have gotten worse.  I had an internal scan done through the esophagus that confirmed this was the case causing blood to flow back towards the lungs.   After several more doctor appointments it was confirmed that a repeat open chest heart surgery was not in my best interest.  I simply would not be able to survive a second surgery.  

Therefore, I am going to have what is called a “mitral heart valve clip” procedure done on March 28, 2019, just two weeks from today.  Successful completion of this heart valve procedure should greatly improve my stamina, and help with some of my debilitating fatigue, although I still have some non-repairable damage to my heart caused from previous heart attacks.  This is a much less risky 1-2 hour procedure and I should go home the next day with just some lifting restrictions because of the stitches.  

This hopefully will give me some much needed energy and less labored breathing allowing me to do more of the things I love to do, as I attempt to “swing back into the saddle” and get going once again with my business and my life. 

Please understand that I am not giving out all of this highly personal information in any type or kind of attempt to gain sympathy.  I just do not have the stamina to answer the same questions hundreds of times.  I am providing it to you as a point of clarification and information. 

Many are asking why I have not been answering my KATE messages.  Well the simple short answer is that I cannot breathe and talk at the same time.  I have no power to do so.  The bad heart valve is not allowing sufficient oxygen into my blood vessels to fill both bodily demands.  I have asked my son, Dodd, to answer those KATE messages as best he is able until I am recovered enough to get back into action.  

I know you have been taught enough to build your own businesses to greater capacity and higher levels.  Do what you know you should do.                      

Thank you for all your concerns, cards, messages, and personal visits.  They mean the world to me.  I am lonesome for good associations.  Please pray for me and my family that this will be a simple, highly successful, and very beneficial procedure from on March 28, 2019, that should take place around 1:00pm. 

I know God has much more for me to do!  I continue to write and publish articles for my website, www.davesevern.com.  I publish 16 messages every month.

God’s Greatest Blessings to All of You. 


Peace and Love to All of You……Poppa Bear

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