A Constant Truth

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There are facts of life; and there are certain absolutes; and then there are the unchangeable things and truths of life that are always with us and in play as to how one should live their life so as to be able to achieve maximum personal success.  It sure seems like there is lots of “stuff” a person needs to learn in order to become successful, doesn’t it?

In order for any real and truthful equation to balance, all factors in the equation must be in place, complete, and in balance before what is on the left side of the equation actually equals what is on the right side of it.

Well then, I will tell you the truth.  You don’t know that which you do not know!

Out of ignorance, left unattended and uncorrected, you will be deficient of what is required to be known and used to balance the equation.  Consequently no matter how hard you try,….you will not be able to achieve your desired level of success.  You will not be able to balance the equation!

If you are short of knowledge, then according to the above formula….  
Zero  X  Something is Zero!

If you lack the power, your efforts will not work for you as you desire!

Even without a college degree in mathematics or logic, it appears quite elementary that some type and kind of knowledge, “know how,” or understanding is first required before a person is able to accomplish much in the way of critical or expected productivity. 

Without such critical production, the chances are not too good that a person will persevere, hang in there, or continue to march in the direction of their dreams.  

Fact: It is much easier to quit or give up than it is to stay actively involved in the accomplishment of your personal dreams.  

So the questions need to be asked: Where does the quitter or sporadically involved “on-again-off-again” partially committed or casually involved person (performer) actually wind up with the use of their life?   Where does that half-hearted involvement finally land a person who gives up on themselves?….Who quits the consistent and persistent application of the required work habits?  And finally what is the result of such giving up?

There is a great difference between efficiency and effectiveness.  Efficiency means doing the job right.  Effectiveness means doing the right job. The sad fact of the matter is that most people who attempt to start a business for themselves, without drawing the correct or sufficient information and knowledge demanded to produce the dreamed-about or desired beneficial results, miss the point and therefore miss the benefits because they lack sufficient knowledge with which to begin and grow their operations.

May I say to you that most candidates for success today are totally and completely efficiently ineffective….they are doing the wrong job perfectly!

It takes change in your life  to make and effect new decisions, directions, efforts, and results! 

Fact: The only way to overcome ignorance is with more and better knowledge and understanding….it is called education.  

It is “evaluated knowledge that is needed.”  Such knowledge can only be achieved from personal experience…from the application (or the attempted application) of what you have learned from your study of  the new information and knowledge you have acquired.

Unless and until a person realizes and admits they need more knowledge,… and then actively seeks and acquires it, and then learns how to use such acquired knowledge, the more they will continue to fail until discouragement finally overtakes them and they give up!  Quit! Stop working towards achieving their desired benefits, dreams, and goals!.  When that happens,—when you give up on yourself—you are finished, through, ended.  Your next stop is failure.  It could be fatal.  It is for sure final,…unless you get yourself up, dust yourself off, and get yourself started all over again!  

No one is personally responsible to educate you.  That is indeed your own personal responsibility!

Knowledge and understanding are two things that a person has to acquire for themselves.

Never bargain over the price to be paid to accomplish your personal success.  Be ready and willing to do whatever it takes. And then anxiously pay the full price with a positive expectation of receiving the good and successful results on which you are planning to receive from your creative efforts.

This blog as published weekly at www.davesevern.com provides you the much needed knowledge and understanding to assist you in achieving your desired level of personal success.  By becoming a Premier Member it’s contents will certainly be a springboard to your most successful and personal achievements in the days ahead.  The information herein has been mined, sifted, and screened from over 45 years of personal experience.  It has been compiled from my personal study, received counsel, pondered evaluation, and personal expended efforts in applying what I have learned from the energy, resources, and invested efforts in the development and creation of a worldwide business enterprise, from the knowledge and application of many thousands of people around the world, and from the printed materials of some of the most sincere, honest, successful, and well recognized men and women in and of the world.  

The views expressed herein are the wisdom of the ages.  They are biblically based and therefore equally true and applicable to any and all readers and listeners.

This website was established in January, 2013, with the intended purpose of providing what I believed to be the most important areas of knowledge and development that men and women need today to understand and apply as they reach out and attempt to become personally successful.  

The knowledge as provided within this website is available to any and all who are willing to invest a monthly minimal amount in themselves and gain the wisdom, knowledge, and evaluated experience (and thereby properly equip themselves) to achieve and accomplish their planned personal success.

It has been wisely said by the most successful people of today and in our history that—the best way to cross a minefield is to follow somebody!  

www.davesevern.com is presented to you as a trailblazer of sorts.  It lays down a clear path that others have successfully tread for you, the aspiring reader.  You may access and learn from this wisdom and apply it in your own life for your self same benefit.

There is only one thing in which you can invest that has no risk of loss….that is, of course, in you!

Peace and Love to All of You………………….Poppa Bear 

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